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Summer is over, and Fall has arrived. We are getting ready to get into the holiday season, and all of this change equals one thing, stress! Whether you’re facing the challenge of your kids going off to college or preparing the house for multiple visits from friends and relatives, it all adds up to a lot of anxiety from the added workload.  

Holiday stress is a real phenomenon. Whether you are dealing with multiple visits from relatives, facing the holidays alone for the first time, or merely trying to keep up your family’s crazy schedule, it creates stress for your body and mind.  

If you’ve wished there was something you could do to help yourself get through these difficult times, then you should consider taking CBD supplements. Increasingly, there is compelling evidence that CBD products provide a safe and natural way for you to combat stress.   


Stress is the body’s reaction to outside influences. It can range from mild symptoms, like a slight feeling of discomfort, to extreme reactions, such as panic attacks. However, the problems with stress go beyond the psychological. Prolonged exposure to stress can cause severe physical problems and tension has been associated with increased chances of cardiovascular disease.  

CBD stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a chemical that is in hemp and closely related to hemp’s more famous chemical, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The big difference between CBD and THC is CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties. In other words, you can’t get high off of CBD.  

However, studies show there are many tremendous health benefits to using CBD products, including helping with stress. There are some significant benefits to using CBD over prescription anti-anxiety pills. Anti-anxiety medications can have severe side-effects, and they can be costly. CBD is a natural product and, best of all, it isn’t addictive and you don’t need a prescription to get it.  

How CBD Affects Stress 

There is a chemical inside your brain called serotonin. Serotonin is often called the ‘happy chemical’ because it’s related to feelings of well-being. However, it also affects your moods. Multiple studies have shown CBD influences the way your brain receptors process serotonin.  

Based on the researcher’s observations of animals and humans who received CBD treatments, they believe CBD can help people with: 

  • Decreasing their stress 
  • Mitigate insomnia 
  • Help people dealing with PTSD 
  • Calm your body’s physical reaction to stress 

There are many ways to safely ingest CBD 

Many people believe that the only way they can take CBD is to get it from smoking a marijuana cigarette. This is one way, however, you have also deal with the high from the THC. Scientists have developed effective techniques for isolating and extracting the CBD from a marijuana plant. Without the THC, CBD is perfectly fine to use throughout the day.  

This means you have a variety of ways you can ingest CBD. For example, there are CBD consumables, you can eat. This is not only an effective way to deliver the CBD, but it’s also tasty!  

Additionally, there are CBD tinctures, CBD veggie capsules, and drinks that contain CBD. 

TerraVida Online has a wide variety of CBD products online 

TerraVida Online is one of the premier distributors of CBD products online. You’ll find products ranging from CBD veggie capsules to tinctures and creams. Our products are the top of the line and grown from the finest hemp in Colorado, our products are made of pure ingredients. 

Additionally, Terravida Online products are tested, and GMP certified.  

We offer secure ordering and also free shipping on orders over $90.  

Stress is a real problem in our lives, and the options for help are limited to potent and expensive psychoactive drugs or more natural alternatives, like CBD oil. When it comes to your health, we believe a gentler more holistic approach is better for your mind and your body.  

Please peruse our website, and read other articles on our blog about CBD products. We believe you’ll find a safe and inexpensive solution for your stress.  

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