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Relax in the Bath with CBD

One of the many great things about CBD hemp oil is the broad applicability is has in everyday life. A broad range of products can be improved with the unique benefits it provides. From skin creams to candles, there are a multitude of ways to employ CBD in things we frequently enjoy. Now that the legality of hemp and its related products has been clarified, we’re able to experiment and imagine more ways to use it like never before. Given the therapeutic advantages it possesses, this allows us to heighten the experience of other therapeutic activities. For example, incorporating CBD oil with a warm and relaxing bath.

Soak Away Your Stress

As a promising reliever of stress and anxiety, CBD oil fits perfectly into the ritual of a soothing bubble bath. Not only does it enhance the quality of relaxation, but it can also assist in managing the state of your physical health and appearance. It’s a fantastic way to treat your mind and body at the same time. A few hemp oil products are all it takes to transform your bath into something even more wonderful.

To start with, you can’t really have a bubble bath without bubbles. A CBD infused bubble bath can take care of that, while also giving you the chance to soak in the oil while you bathe. You may also want to light a few candles to create a more tranquilizing atmosphere. CBD infused scented candles can add a nice touch to any relaxing scene and can also be used for skin massages once they’ve melted. They’re perfect for allowing you to slip away into a warm and satisfying state of bliss.

After you’ve soaked to your satisfaction, there are a plethora of CBD beauty products available to help manage your appearance. Cannabidiol oil actually contains quite a few different nutrients that are good for your skin. Using an after-bath body butter can help soothe and soften your freshly bathed skin and help to keep it looking smooth. Our CBD eye cream can help lessen bags, wrinkles, and circles around your eyes. From there, you could move on to some of the many CBD skin care products that are available. Our anti-aging CBD cream infused with apple stem cells can help increase the longevity of your own skin cells as well as reduce lines and wrinkles.

Pure & Natural CBD Hemp Oil Products

One of the most effective ways of utilizing CBD oil is by absorbing it through the skin. Since skin contains the most cannabinoid receptors of any other organ, this allows CBD to be directed straight to where it needs to go. Combined with other ingredients, this makes it a natural fit for a host of skin care and beauty products designed to rejuvenate skin and keep it healthy. To that end, we offer a number of CBD beauty products including moisturizers, facial cleansers, toners, and skin creams to help you get the most out of its beneficial qualities. With so many options, there’s a good chance CBD hemp oil can fit quite smoothly into almost any skin care and beauty regimen.

At Terra Vida, we offer an assortment of CBD products to suit your particular health and wellness needs. We use 100% natural hemp oil that’s cruelty-free and lab tested to be of the highest purity. Whether you’re planning to let loose with a warm bath or simply brighten up your day a little, our CBD products have the potential to make a difference. Visit us here to learn more about our products and what they can do to improve your quality of life for the better.

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