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CBD For Stress Relief During Coronavirus

We’ve all heard it. The medical marijuana trend has swept the nation, but there are also abundant signs of the CBD hemp oil market’s explosion. A recent article in Rolling Stoneestimatedthat the hemp-CBD market could reach $22 billion by the year 2022. This stand-alone figure suggests the ways that relaxed laws governing the cannabis industry place more options in the hands of producers and consumers. With greater access to CBD Hemp oil products, consumers can manage their own lifestyles and avoid health problems such as becoming addicted to prescription painkillers. 


Understanding the benefits of cannabidiol is less about how it parallels the medical marijuana market. It’s more about how it gives consumers choices that they did not previously enjoy. In the past, consumers had to worry about the consequences of ordering CBD-hemp products in the mail, and, in today’s world, that’s less of a concern. Now, consumers must understand the different types of CBD Hemp oil products and what the benefits and drawbacks are of each product for their lifestyle. They can also talk with their medical provider about ways that CBD oils and hemp products could impact their health, including any potential effects on their medications, vitamins, supplements, and dietary foods. For example, with CBD hemp oil, some consumers have been able to change how they eat, sleep, and exercise and rely on CBD oil for anxiety relief, and some even get completely away from using prescription meds for their complaints.  

How CBD Hemp Oil Offers Relief for Stress and Anxiety 

Many studies have been done in recent years and new ones are presently underway that explain how CBD oil relieves the symptoms of stress and anxiety. For example, CBD has been known to relieve symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. In this condition, patients suffer pain and anxiety because they continue to relive past traumatic events. According to a report in Frontiers in Neuroscience, “Preclinical studies in different rodent behavioral models have shown that CBD can both facilitate the extinction of aversive memories and block their reconsolidation.” In a layman’s terms, this means that using CBD oil can help people to forget traumatic memories and to prevent them from reconsolidating them, or place them back into their working memory. 

Accessing the Benefits of CBD hemp Oil 

There are different ways to access the benefits of CBD oil under new regulations. These will vary in each state, and, therefore, may impact which products that each consumer will choose to purchase. Some common examples that our customers like are ordering a CBD hemp oil drops and rubbing it on the skin, inhaling the vapors of the CBD oil through a pipe (similar to medical marijuana), and taking one or more capsules containing CBD oil extract. The key ingredient Cannabidiol oil (or CBD oil for short) is a good starting point. It’s a non-habit-forming ingredient of this plant. It doesn’t have psycho-active properties like THC. Some consumers who are new to our website and to recreational or wellness uses of CBD oil extract could, for example, try 30 of our CBD capsules, which contains 10 mg per unit. 

Taking the Holistic Perspective  

Living with the effects of stress and anxiety is difficult, potentially impacting every area of your life. It’s important to keep in mind that taking any natural product derived from Cannabis or hemp is not a substitute for seeking medical treatment, which will address the symptoms of anxiety or stress. Consumers can experience these conditions due to numerous factors, and they may find some relief through CBD hemp oil. Ask a doctor how to treat the cause of your condition.  

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