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CBD and Parenthood: How Parents are Keeping Calm with Cannabidiol

The Ups, Downs, and ‘Little Helpers’ of Parenthood

Being a parent is a whirlwind of elation, exhaustion, breakdowns, and breakthroughs, often within the space of only a few minutes apart. Moms and dads alike are known to have a vast array of ‘little helpers’ to keep them calm, patient, and parenting through any crisis that may come. Some may prefer a glass of wine or whiskey at the end of the day whereas others may find solace in medication to help them sleep better. Whichever way you cut it, most of these vices we stressed out parents use to de-stress come with some inconvenient, to downright dangerous, side effects.

In an era of parenthood that requires us to perfectly balance work and home, work through exhaustion, and deal with stressors from every side, what could help us sit down and play or converse with our children at the end of the day? If only there was something that gave us that relaxed, focused, peace of mind that allows us to so loving traverse the minefield of parenthood but doesn’t present the unwanted side effects of hangovers, health issues, or worse. More and more parents across the globe are claiming that they have discovered just that in pure CBD. 

CBD Helps to Make Mindful Moms and Dads

For many parents the allure of CBD hemp oil arises from the fact that it has none of the addictive properties of pharmaceutical anti-anxiety medication or the negative health consequences and intoxication of alcohol. Jo Highland, stay-at-home mom of two, says in a recent MarketWatch article that she opts for CBD over anxiety medication because:

“[It] doesn’t impair my ability to take care of my kids but still makes me feel really calm and takes my anxiety from a 10 to a 4.”

Digital marketing professional and father of two, Marc Lewis, says he uses CBD at the end of a long day to help him be a more present father. Marc says frustrations like kids dumping toys all over a clean floor or trying to make it through dinner with fussy children don’t worry him as much when he’s using it. Simply put, Marc says:

“A dropper of CBD makes this dad more patient.”

Jo and Marc are far from alone, with a recent New York Times article citing a study from The Brightfield Group estimating CBD oil sales to have reached around twenty two million dollars by 2022. With statistics putting the average age of CBD consumers around 31, it was only a matter of time before young parents turned to Cannabidiol for it’s various benefits.

The Benefits of Parenting with CBD

Aside from being a potent reliever of the symptoms of anxiety, a condition that can plague parents on even our best days, CBD has been shown to be an excellent source of joint and muscle pain relief, the kind of pain that accompanies picking up toys strewn about the living room or a screaming child from the middle of a crowded restaurant. In addition CBD has been shown to possess antidepressant properties that may help women dealing with hormone imbalance after birth. As Mary Huhn notes in her New York Post article, Aside from the cognitive and physical effects of CBD, taking a break to step away with your choice of CBD vape pens to reassess whatever the current situation demands of your parenting skill can help regain your poise, patience, and energy. 

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