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How Does CBD Help With Anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety, then you experience impacts on the way your body functions. For example, you could have a fear of leaving the home or that you will get in a car accident if you get behind the wheel. While such fears may seem not so bad to some, to the anxiety sufferer, they are very real and potentially crippling. In other words, anxiety takes over your life and impacts your day. Anxiety’s effects can hit you at any time of the day or night and make it harder to perform normal activities. By this, we mean everything from driving yourself to work with a clear mind to remembering to brush your teeth before you go to bed. If you don’t suffer from anxiety, you could easily take your normal routines for granted. You could be in such good health and then, out of the blue, one day feel crushed by the staggering weight of anxiety on daily life. We know ways that you can find relief from anxiety, but, first, it helps to understand this condition.


Think of anxiety as a fear or worry that does not go away over time. In fact, a fear or worry can get worse given enough time. Everyone has fears and worries, but, with anxiety as a medical condition, your ability to control the effects of fears and worries on your daily life is reduced. You can even become so consumed by fears and worries that you aren’t able to function. 

What Does the Literature Say About CBD and Anxiety?  

According to the National Institutes of Health, CBD has multiple uses for people who suffer from anxiety. CBD can be found in many products, including CBD hemp oil, CBD oil for sleep, CBD hemp oil drops, CBD skin care products, and CBD products for anxiety. The latter group — CBD products for anxiety — is known to include cannabidiol, which is a legal substance. It does not have the same addictive or mind-altering effects like the cannabis ingredient THC. 

Looking at the Facts 

Many tests have been conducted on mice and humans to study the effects of CBD. A recent review of the medical literature showed that CBD can provide relief to people with this kind of chronic condition and many other ailments, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, schizophrenia, arthritis, depression, and drug addiction. CBD oil has lesser side effects than other prescribed drugs and is not a controlled substance. Some symptoms include tiredness and diarrhea. What’s more, CBD has not been found thus far to positively or negatively influence food intake. However, CBD oil has been known to relieve anxiety without becoming habit-forming. Cannabidiol has been known to reduce heroin-seeking behavior when used to treat addicts.

Getting Started 

CBD oil is already legal to purchase online. Again, its use is not regulated because the main ingredients in the oil are not narcotics. In higher amounts, CBD may have interactions with other prescribed and non-prescribed drugs that a person is taking, and, therefore, like any over-the-counter product, it’s important to ask a doctor how to use it. CBD oil’s popularity keeps in line with the national movement towards greater legalization of medical marijuana, which has already occurred in many states (including Minnesota, Florida, and Colorado). Before you determine that CBD oil products are out of your reach, you can try one of our products and see how it affects your body. With CBD products for anxiety, you can feel calmer and sleep better and not worry so much that your fears and worries will control your life. The main ingredient impacts people differently, so you want to use any CBD product responsibly and to get relief from anxiety the smart way. However, keep in mind that using CBD products is not a replacement for medical treatment for anxiety and/or any therapies, including counseling, your doctor recommends to control your condition.

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