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CBD vaping: All you need to know about vape and cannabidiol

For millions of people across the world, Cannabidiol, or as it is more commonly known as CBD, is offering relief from a variety of health issues and heir symptoms. Its popularity is due to many factors but one of the most important is that it doesn’t induce intoxication. It is easily available, simple to use and has no side effects for most users.

Our ancestors have known about all these positive benefits of using one of the easiest and least demanding plants to grow, but for many decades the growing of hemp and the manufacturing of oils was prohibited. Now that cannabis has gained a more widespread acceptance, helped by the 2018 signing of the New Farm Bill, scientists will be able to continue their studies more openly and with more funding in order to back up what is already known.

CBD oil helps those suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorders (PTSD), inflammations, epilepsy, insomnia and some studies are showing that it is effective in treating ulcerative colitis. Since CBD activates the immune system, it has the potential to battle many diseases.

What exactly is CBD?

It is one of the over one hundred chemical compounds found in the hemp plant. The oil which is extracted from the plant can be used in many ways by the consumer in order to the benefits of the CBD properties. Many prefer to take a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue; others prefer to take the capsules or gummies. Vape pens have become a popular method of using CBD as they are discreet, easy to use and can be taken everywhere.

How does a vape pen work?

Vape pens are a power source that heat up the vape tank or cartridge which has the vape liquid in. This produces a vapor which is inhaled. They are pocket- sized, mostly cylindrical and are rechargeable and battery-powered. Some vape pens come with more features than others and allow for adjustments to the power output, with each user tailoring it to their needs. The atomizer receives the power and increases the intensity, but too much power to it can give off a burnt taste.

Are vape pens bad for the health?

Firstly, any consumer buying a vape kit should buy from a reputable company that includes the vaping liquid or cartridge. Liquids come in various strengths and should be chosen according to preferable preferences, how often it is to be used and the person who is using e.g. weight, age are factors that could determine the strength of the liquid.

Consumers who inhale substances should be aware that they do put themselves at risk for respiratory disorders and others too, but that also depends on what they are inhaling and in what combinations. According to a Royal College of Physicians report which was published in England, vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Inhaling CBD oil eliminates the inhalation of combusted matter, like in cigarette smoking.

The upside of vaping CBD oil

Health Benefits

CBD oil products help ease the side effects of many diseases, reduces stress and anxiety, reducing high blood pressure in sufferers due to its relaxing properties. This is one of the reasons of is also popular with people who suffer from insomnia and those with sleep apnea also report that they are relieved of the symptoms. Its anti-inflammatory properties help those with joint and muscle pain and swellings to find relief. Since CBD is a natural product, it has become a popular alternative to prescription and over-the –counter medications.

CBD vape oil is becoming increasingly popular and can be purchased in various levels of potency, mostly between 250mg to 1000mg per bottle. Potency can be chosen according to individual needs, but even though CBD oil does not have a psychoactive effect, it is best to consult a doctor for the most suitable dosage, especially when treating chronic pain and other conditions.

Instant results

CBD vape oil has become popular because of its instant benefits. Vaping allows for fast absorption by the body through the bloodstream, rather than relying on the digestive system and pain or anxiety relief is almost instant.


Vape pens and oils are easy to carry around and convenient to use. The devices are usually pocket sized and can easily be slipped into a pocket or bag. Since they do not give off a strong smell, they are also discreet and nobody need know what vaping liquid is in it. These devices create very little smoke and can be vaped indoors or in public. It is best to be aware of the local laws as far as vaping or smoking in public areas so as to avoid problems.

The downsides of vaping

There are health risks of inhalation as we discussed earlier. Those with pre- existing lung conditions and other health problems could have fits of coughing and some people have nausea from over-inhaling. Temperatures and amount of juice inhaled also plays a role. High temperatures cause the thinning agents in the CBD oil to break down into carcinogenic compounds and can also cause asthma and allergic reactions.

It is important to avoid products that are of poor quality and uncertain origins. Reading labels, checking ingredients and consulting the manufacturers allows for making knowledgeable choices.

Even though CBD is not addictive and is used to treat people with addictions, the act of vaping has been found to be addictive. This could be because of the ease and convenience it offers, as opposed to other ingestion methods.

Choosing the right vape pen

There is a plethora of vape pens to choose from. Finding the right one can be difficult but it is best to seek one from a reputable and trustworthy retailer who sells from known manufacturers who offer top performing pen.

There are two types of CBD Vape pens, a refillable and disposable. The refillable one can either be filled with liquid or with a cartridge. These pens are rechargeable and have a battery. The disposable pen also contains a battery and vaporizer, but does away with the need to re-charge.. The vaporizer is pre-loaded with CBD e-juice and the cigarette offers a few hundred puffs, and can be disposed off when depleted.

Even though the purchase of a refillable vape pen can be more expensive, in the long run they are more cost effective and also allow for a custom vape experience, through choice of vaping liquid and airflow and other options. They are less convenient, discreet and require knowledge and patience to refill.

Disposable pens are cheaper to purchase individually but less cost effective in the long run. They require no maintenance and are lighter to carry, but offer no options on the type of vape experience.

With such a huge variety of vape pens available the consumer needs to ask themselves three basic questions:

  • What type of CBD oil, wax or dab they intend to consume?
  • Personal choices such as charging time, battery life and others
  • Cost factors

Here is a guide of some of the best ones available:

Mig Vapor Morpheus – The Morpheus is best suited for medium-strength CBD liquids and has enough power. It charges via USB and has a long-lasting 3000mAh battery.

Kandypens Rubi – This Rubi is ideal for high-strength CBD vape oils and Kandypens has a good reputation for producing dependable vape pens. The battery is a rechargeable 280 mAh and the pen comes with a 1ml refillable pod with flavorful ceramic coils.

CBDfx Vape Pen – The CBDfx is a disposable vape pen filled with organic full spectrum hemp oil, containing 30 mg of CBD per pen. It is ready to use from the moment it is taken out of its packaging and won’t require filling or charging. Its battery is powerful and will give the consumer a few hundred puffs.

Mig Vapor Bug – The Vapor Bug is a small, non bulky pen suitable to almost everyone and available in a variety of colors. Its refillable tank has a capacity of 2 ml and it has a slim rechargeable 110 mAh battery. It has a magnetic topper to keep it clean and mess free.

CBDfx Vaporous – This vape pen offers the perfect solution for CBD wax and dabs. It has two coil options, both offering excellent flavor. The one is a ceramic hard-hitting coil and the other a slow-roasting quartz coil. The unique heating rod inside the chamber ensures even distribution of the concentrates.

Trap 450 All in 1 – This is a reasonably priced pen with an easily refillable chamber. It is small and sophisticated and has 3 temperature settings, a preheat mode and comes with a USB charger.

G Slim – The G Slim is easy to hold and also has a ground material tank for adding herbs if desired. It comes with a wireless USB charger that can be used in a laptop. The wall adaptor comes at an extra cost but offers a faster charge,

Bug Rx – This vape pen has a potent 1100 mAh coil that gives off big clouds of vapor. It is known for its excellent battery life.  It comes in silver stainless steel with black touches. The pen comes with an anti-leak magnetic cap and a potent atomizer coil.

The Yocan (R) Evolve – This comes with a dual quartz coil, and has an impressive heating technique. It can give up to 10 seconds of continuous heating if desired. The resulting vapor is pure and clean tasting with full flavor. The devise comes in five colors and is a bit thicker than other vape pens because of the double coils.

Puffco Plus – This pen is expensive but has some exciting attributes. The mouthpiece also serves as a carb cap, loading tool and as a splash guard. It has three modes, the pen can release vapor for 12 seconds, by pressing the key button twice, allowing for a full medicated dose. This is suited for concentrates only.

Vapour2 The Pro (Series3X) – This is the company’s newest model and the manufacturers have perfected it over the years. It comes in three colors and can be utilized for vaping dry herbs too with the addition of a Loose Leaf Cartridge, also available. It has a ceramic heater which produces a clean, pure flavor. The battery has been upgraded to 750 mHa extending the duration time between vapes. This newer version has variable voltage and temperature settings and superb airflow, just like its predecessor.

The best vape products are purely a matter of personal choice. It is up to the consumer to research before purchasing and to ensure that the product chosen us of the best quality, purity and transparency. They should be free of pesticides, solvents and chemical fertilizers and come with certification.

Here are some of the popular products available right now:

Pure Kana – This is a full-spectrum hemp extract.

Green Roads – This is a maximum potency and pure product produced by a licensed pharmacist using a highly concentrated extraction process.

Premium Jane – Made in the USA with a full-spectrum extract it is 100% natural and organic. It contains no artificial flavors or preservatives.

CBDPure – This vape oil is made from certified hemp grown in Colorado and the extraction process is the chemical-free CO2 method. It is 3rd party laboratory tested.

Hemp Bombs – The product is made from full-spectrum extract which is derived from non-GNO hemp.

Hemp Health & Wellness CBD Essence – This organic hemp CO2 extracted tincture is 3rdparty laboratory tested. The company has over 5 years of experience in manufacturing.

Elixinol – This organic hemp, full-spectrum CO2 extract tincture comes in two flavors: Cinnamint and Natural.


Remember that not all CBD oils and products are made for vaping. Some of the products mentioned above can also be taken orally, but remember to ask the specialists, do your homework and then decide which is the best vaping device and oil to be used before starting.

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