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If you’ve checked out social media, watched the news, or read a magazine lately, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about something called CBD. It’s been touted as “miraculous,” “unbelievable,” or even “magical.” While CBD is totally natural and comes straight from Mother Nature, it certainly can seem like a magic potion when you see what it can do for your body, especially your skin. The benefits of CBD skin care products are evident. Whether you’re a CBD novice or a seasoned pro, read on to learn more about CBD and skin.

What is CBD?

Let’s start with some quick background on CBD. CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a compound found in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, another compound in hemp, CBD has no psychoactive properties. Don’t worry, it will not give you any “high” feeling, just a slew of physiological benefits, such as anxiety reduction, pain relief, and even seizure control for those with certain types of epilepsy. Additionally, the World Health Organization has cleared CBD as extremely safe for use. To learn more even more about CBD, visit TerraVida’s information page.

CBD for Your Skin

CBD is climbing the ladder of popularity in the beauty and wellness industry, and for good reason. In fact, CBD is here to stay, unlike fad beauty “quick fixes,” such as seaweed or charcoal. Why? It’s advocated for by doctors. News site Bustle interviewed Dr. Cheryl Bugailiskis, who discussed the science behind CBD and skin. She explained that in comparison to other parts of our body, “[skin] has the highest amount and concentration of what are called cannabinoid receptors.” This means that our skin has a very sensitive response to the cannabidiol compound, making it a perfect place to put CBD.

Before you delve into the assortment of CBD products for your skin, there are a few guidelines you’ll want to keep in mind. First, don’t be fooled by labels boasting “hemp seed oil;” although that sounds like the right ingredient, hemp seed oil is not CBD and has none of the active properties found in CBD. Second, not all CBD products are created equal. You need to find a CBD provider that you can trust to give you the purest and finest quality CBD. Check out TerraVida for third party lab tested CBD hemp oil products.

The Best CBD Skin Care Products for You

Let’s talk about which CBD product will meet your needs. Whether you are dealing with dry skin, tired and aging skin, or a skin condition, CBD will help.

If you’re noticing that your skin isn’t looking as healthy and fresh as it did a few years ago, CBD anti-aging cream is a perfect option. Dab it onto your face daily and you will see it tighten and brighten your skin in a kind-of-amazing way. Often, over-processed, chemical-laden serums and lotions end up irritating your skin and end up doing more harm than good. CBD has anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties which reduce irritation.

If dry skin is what’s bugging you, CBD has your back. There are a many options of CBD skin care products. Look for CBD hemp oil products for your specific needs. Maybe a basic CBD face moisturizer will work best for you. If your skin is tired in addition to dry, give CBD revitalizing cream a try. There are great options for morning and night, both equally effective.

In the spirit of including as much CBD as possible into your skin care routine, a CBD face cleanser is a great choice for everyone.

If you’re a tattoo person, CBD is for you. CBD works wonders to help heal newly-acquired art and to preserve and brighten your current art. You can get CBD for tattoos in the form of a cream; it’s super easy to apply and a necessity for those who cherish their body art.

For a skin condition like eczema, psoriasis, or persistent acne, there is strong evidence linking CBD to recovery and healing. For all over body conditioning try a CBD body butter to help keep skin healthy.

You’ll definitely want to give these products a try. CBD is for all skin, young or aged, blemished or smooth. For the best CBD skin care products and even more information on how they may be able to help you, check out TerraVida.

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