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Enhance Your Skin Care with CBD

American women care about their skin. Much of this concern stems, of course, from vanity. A recent survey of over 3,000 women between the ages of 16 and 75 revealed that the average woman in the United States spends about eight dollars a day on her face regimen alone. This estimate may involve as many as 16 products daily, including eye cream, moisturizer, makeup, sunscreen, and various serums. It doesn’t begin to include Botox, face peels, or even facials. 

Why our skin is so important:

Yes, we all want to look young and beautiful, but it turns out our skin claims more critical functions than just helping us look good. 

We can’t live without skin. The 20 square feet or so it takes up serves the purpose of protecting our vital organs. Additionally, our skin protects us from microbes and bacteria, regulates our body temperature, and through the sensation of touch, protects us from extreme temperatures.

Cosmetically speaking, we pay the most attention to the outer layer or epidermis of our skin, but all three layers serve a purpose in contributing to our overall health:

The outer layer or epidermis also protects us from water and extreme temperatures.

The dermis or middle layer contains our sweat glands and assist in body temperature regulation.

The hypodermis consists of fat and tissue and protects the internal organs. 

What is involved with hemp CBD skincare?

Today we hear and see the initials CBD more than we do the initials THC. CBD or cannabidiol represents the most noted cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. Though hemp derives from the same cannabis Sativa plant as marijuana, unlike marijuana, it contains virtually no THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the cannabinoid known for its recreational psychoactive properties.

CBD oil comes mostly from the flower of the hemp plant either through maceration or CO2 extraction. Since it doesn’t produce the stoned feeling or euphoric high, it enjoys a legal status in all 50 States.

How CBD works with the ECS

CBD, like all cannabinoids, possesses the ability to affect us in positive ways because of the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Research began in the late 1980s and revealed the ECS in 1992. This incredible system consists of a series of acidic molecules called endocannabinoids that run throughout the body and all its organs and systems in all mammals. 

Homeostasis or balance represents the primary function of the ECS. When the ECS suffers compromise through aging, autoimmune disease, or poor lifestyle choices, cannabis assists the ECS in functioning. The reason CBD and other cannabinoids help the ECS involves the fact that the cannabis plant contains a system that mirrors the ECS.

How CBD topical products help nourish your skin:

Of course, before we put anything on our skin, we want to consider how our lifestyle affects the health and appearance of our largest organ. Proper diet, rest, and exercise all contribute to that healthy glow. But, when we need more due to aging or stress, CBD hemp oil beauty products offer added benefits.

Topical products penetrate our skin at the cellular level. CBD may help with inflammation, and if you use CBD cream for a massage, you also have an excellent tool for relieving stress. Several products will assist you in healthier and more beautiful skin.

Buy CBD hemp skincare products to use in your daily routine. Hemp CBD toner and hemp CBD face moisturizer work great together.

If you start seeing the signs of age, CBD age-fighting cream, and eye cream should find a place on your bathroom counter. 

For skincare, all over CBD body cream contains additional nutrients for moisturizing your entire body.

How using CBD and hemp may help your skin from the inside: 

CBD oil and CBD products also contain other beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants and Omega 6 fatty acids. These ingredients, along with CBD, may work topically and when ingested orally. Other ways in which orally ingesting CBD products such as capsules and tinctures help with the health of your skin include the following:

CBD may improve your sleep.

CBD offers non-intoxicating relief .

CBD may help control stress and anxiety.


Not all CBD products on the market represent the highest quality available. Though more research needs to take place, we do know that CBD reduces oil production and decreases inflammation when it comes to skincare. Evidence also exists that shows CBD assisting with severe skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. When purchasing CBD products, take into consideration the following points:

Beware of outrageous claims like looking ten years younger overnight

Make sure you buy CBD products from a reliable and credible company

Read the label and follow dosing instructions whether you use CBD orally or topically.

At TerraVida Online, we make sure our CBD products undergo rigorous testing for safety and purity. For more information on how CBD skincare products can help you, please contact us here. And if you are looking for solutions to your skin care needs then take a look at our CBD skin care line from CBD Face Cleanser to CBD Age Fighting Cream. Don’t forget about the rest of your body and treat yourself to all over moisturization with Body Moisture Blast Butter! If you would like to learn more about CBD hemp oil, please take a look at our Blog, where we post new information almost daily.

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