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How CBD Nourishes and Protects the Skin from the Inside Out

The skin takes up an average of 20 square feet on the typical adult body and claims first place when it comes to the largest organ. Indeed, the brain, heart, liver, and kidneys are all vital organs, but we couldn’t live without our skin either. The skin provides these essential functions:

  • Our skin shields us from the elements, microbes and bacteria.
  • Skin helps to regulate body temperature.
  • Our skin lets us experience the sense of touch and enables us to feel heat and cold.

And, though we typically only see the surface of the skin, the skin’s three layers play an important part in helping us function:

  • The epidermis serves as a waterproof barrier and protects us from the cold. It makes up the visible outer layer of the skin.
  • The dermis or middle layer consists of connective tissue and sweat glands thus playing an essential part in regulating body temperature.
  • The hypodermis protects our internal organs with its makeup of fat and connective tissue.


Naturally, it makes sense to care for our skin as it does provide vital functions and it also plays a massive part in our outward appearance. The market abounds with products to nourish and improve your skin. Of course, many products out there will help your skin, others offered may do more harm than good, but CBD oil provides options for beautiful and healthy skin from the inside out.

What is CBD Oil?

Though CBD oil derives from the same cannabis sativa plant as marijuana, it does not contain tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC, of course, gives marijuana its psychoactive properties making it popular for recreational usage.

The cannabinol CBD comes only from the hemp version of the cannabis sativa plant and will not make you high. A withdrawal process of maceration or CO2 extraction results in CBD oil or CBD tincture with countless medicinal and health benefits.

How CBD Oil Works to Nourish and Protect Skin:

The effectiveness of CBD oil stems from the fact that it works with and complements the body’s own Endocannabinoid System or ECS. Present in all mammals, the ECS consists of a complicated series of acidic molecules running throughout the body and its systems. The ECS serves to help the body achieve or maintain balance.

The ECS discovered in the 1980s as a result of research conducted to determine why cannabis was beneficial to so many different ailments and conditions verifies the virtues of CBD. It turns out the cannabis sativa plant has a system which mimics the ECS. When ingested or applied topically, CBD helps a compromised ECS work at the cellular levels to target the C1 or C2 receptors in the location where homeostasis needs revitalization. Poor lifestyle choices such as lack of physical movement, insufficient sleep, a diet high in sugar and unhealthy fats, and alcohol and tobacco abuse wreak havoc on the ECS. Additionally, autoimmune diseases and other disorders compromise the ECS.

The skin benefits from CBD oil in two ways:

  • Topical products simulate and nourish the skin’s outer layer by penetrating the cellular receptors at that level. Add massage to the equation, and you are introducing anti-stress and other beneficial components.
  • Ingested in the form of a tincture, capsule, or gummies, CBD not only works with the ECS, but the hemp-based products also contain other ingredients that contribute to healthy skin from the inside out.

Other Nutrients in CBD Oil:

In addition to the cannabinol itself, CBD products also contain essential ingredients such as antioxidants to reduce free radicals, Omega 6 fatty acids, and gamma-linolenic acid. These ingredients assist with everything from decreasing inflammation, and battling wrinkles and other signs of aging.

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy with CBD Products:

Of course, having the foundation of a healthy lifestyle provides an excellent backdrop for glowing skin. But, a regiment of CBD oil products helps combat the effects of aging, disease, or self-administered taboos such as smoking and excessive drinking.

  1. An overall CBD body cream benefits all skin types with nutrients and moisture.
  2. daily facial routine including cleanser, toner, and day or night moisturizer makes for a healthy complexion whether you’re 18 or 74.
  3. And, if the word wrinkles has crept into your vocabulary, products like CBD anti-aging cream with apple stem cells and CBD eye cream will make a difference in no time. Though aging claims the number one spot for causing wrinkles, stress and smoking also play a part.
  4. CBD oil products meant to be orally ingested also have benefits for your overall health, which will show up on your skin. Follow the manufacturer’s suggestions for dosing or check with a healthcare professional when it comes to determining what to use in the way of CBD tinctures, supplements, and gummies.

CBD oil and other CBD related products have positive side-effects which will benefit your overall health and the condition of your skin indirectly:

  1. CBD oil could help you get better quality sleep.
  2. CBD reduces stress and anxiety and therefore helps with lines and wrinkles.
  3. CBD oil assists with pain management.


If you’ve been neglecting your body’s largest organ, look into the advantages of CBD oil. For more information on CBD oil and your skin contact us here at TerraVida.

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