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With jammed packed calendars, constant messages pinging our phones, and emails taking over our computers it is no wonder that we take less and less time out for ourselves. This can lead to a stressful and anxiety-filled lifestyle. Although we cannot always stop the hustle and bustle in today’s world, there are things we can do to practice self-care and self-love. 

Let’s dig a bit deeper into how stress negatively affects not only our mental wellness but also our physical wellness and how CBD products can help combat this ongoing issue.  

Hey, Wait, That Wrinkle Wasn’t There Yesterday! 

You know the feeling, you wake up, look in the mirror and there it is – that new wrinkle that you write off to as “just a part of growing older”. The NCBI has published an article which states “Skin mast cells are activated by stress, and in turn they also produce stress hormones and inflammatory factors. This could lead to a vicious cycle of stress-induced inflammatory events. Indeed, mast cells have been implicated in numerous skin diseases including acne, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and pruritus”.  

Think there is nothing you can do? Think again. Before starting the day moisturize your skin with our CBD Day Skin Reviver Cream - this lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the skin to provide much needed moisture and will boost your skin’s radiance. Apply in the morning and you will be ready to tackle the day. 


Every minute of every hour of every day we are growing older and hopefully wiser. Unless you have a time machine you probably want an effective way to stop (or at least slow down) those aging marks. Believe it or not CBD skin products can help you with this by the use of our CBD Anti-Aging Cream containing apple stem cells. According to an article by the Huffington Post, “Aesthetician Carmel O’Neill explained how as aging skin loses elasticity, apple stem cell therapy can help, essentially, bring it back to life, ‘It’s like aging backwards on the skin. You can turn those skin cells back on, and give life back to the skin… By the time you reach the age of 30 you have lost 70 percent of the oxygen to your skin. Which is a huge amount of oxygen to lose.’” 

Rethink Your Beauty Routine 

With all the options available today, finding the right products for your skin is no easy chore. Rethink your beauty routine and consider avoiding products with names that few of us can pronounce. Rely on products that are natural and provide anti-inflammatory properties such as CBD products for the skin.  

The essentials for a good skin routine will include a cleanser, a skin-toner, a daily moisturizer, eye cream and a restoring nightly moisturizer. Yes, it can be that easy. 

Not All Skin Care Products Are Created Equally 

Finding the right skin products and looking like a million bucks does not mean emptying your piggy bank. CBD skin care products offered by Terra Vida are affordable and offer tremendous benefits. Our line of beauty and skin products are becoming more and more popular today…why? Simple – they work!  

So, show your skin some love with our fantastic CBD skin care product line. You will find everything you need and more. Spoil yourself with our mint flavored CBD Good Night Sleep Oral Spray or our salted-caramel flavored CBD Slim Down Oral Spray or even try out our CBD tattoo cream. 

Being kind to yourself is essential and that is why our Higher Mission is “Nourishing The Well-being of People as The Authentic Provider Of CBD Based Products For The Greater Good Of All”.  

What Makes us Different? We Care!  

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