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You’ve tried so many products. Every time you see an ad for a new face cream you read all about it and hope that this one actually works. You’ve spent so much time and energy trying to find that special formula that will give you the healthy, glowing skin you’ve always wanted. At this point it might seem hopeless. You’ve probably found a few products that are good enough, but deep down you know it could still be better. Thankfully, there is another option. You may have heard of Cannabidiol Oil, or CBD oil. It has a wide range of uses from pain relief to anxiety. CBD hemp oil contains many natural vitamins and minerals which also make it perfect for skin care. Take a moment and read on to discover all the benefits CBD oil can have for your skin.

Vitamins and Minerals

Every part of your body requires specific elements to be at their peak performance. Your skin is no different. With the abundance of nutrients in CBD oil, you can make real progress toward healthy skin.

  • Vitamin A: encourages healthy cell production
  • Vitamin C: boosts collagen production
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant that helps improve and soothe skin
  • Beta Carotene: helps prevent acne by reducing inflammation
  • Zinc: helps skin heal
  • Magnesium: improves appearance and reduces acne

CBD oil has a long list of vitamins and minerals that can aid your body in many ways. When attempting to correct your skin problems, think about what you really need. By giving your skin the nourishment it craves, you are taking care of yourself inside and out.

Skin Types

Everyone needs something different from their skin care products. Some suffer with acne while others have itchy skin that flakes and peels. Hemp CBD oil is uniquely helpful because of its vast array of beneficial elements. Typically, people fall into four basic groups when it comes to skin type. CBD oil has something for everyone:

  • Normal Skin: Just because your skin is classified as normal does not mean you do not have any issues. All skin needs a balance of nutrients to stay fresh and healthy. CBD hemp oil contains both vitamins A and C which are crucial for the condition of your skin. You will also find vitamin B3 which is regularly added to skin care products to brighten dull skin.
  • Dry Skin: You know your skin is dry if it feels tight after you wash your face. You could also notice patches of flaky skin that may itch. CBD face moisturizer has anti-inflammatory properties that will help soothe dry patches. CBD oil contains omega 3 and 6 which helps to hydrate dry skin. Buy hemp oil products with CBD to make sure your parched skin is a thing of the past.
  • Oily Skin: Excess oils on your skin can lead to a multitude of issues. It can clog pores giving you acne while providing an unflattering shine that anyone would rather go without. CBD has been known to lessen the overall production of oil in your skin making it perfect for reducing acne and improving your appearance.
  • Combination Skin: It may seem unfair, but there are many people who have both dry and oily skin at the same time. CBD hemp oil can work for both to help balance the natural tone of your skin. Magnesium is present to  enhance your overall appearance and make you feel better about your skin.


It has a multitude of vitamins and minerals all of which can help problem skin. Think about the issues you are currently having and what you need to fix them. It should not come as a surprise that CBD oil has everything you are looking for.


When you look in the mirror you should be happy with what you see. Your skin is supposed to look and feel amazing. For those out there who have tried every over the counter product the department store has to offer, try turning your attention elsewhere. Hemp CBD skin care products may be exactly what you need. For more information contact us here. Your skin will thank you.

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