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Enriching Your Bath Time Routine with CBD

Using bath oils is a luxury you can indulge in anytime. With CBD silk massage candle, you get to enjoy the ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your home. Many cultures have cherished hot baths for centuries. Everyone can relate to enjoying a long soak in the tub after a long day. Modern science shows that hot baths do have health benefits.

To begin with, hot baths boosts the body’s oxygen intake and clears sinuses to ensure you breathe easier. Baths also have a positive effect on the immune system as they increase blood circulation in the body. Not to forget that hot baths are associated with killing bacteria and soothing common flu symptoms.

Now imagine adding CBD oil to your bath time; this magical product is bound to take things to the next level. Aside from the happy feeling you get from being in your sacred space, CBD also brings with it all its benefits. CBD is known to be great for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation qualities.  Read on to find out why you should incorporate CBD-infused products in your bath routine.

1.   Bubble Bath

Hot baths on their own are known to increase the brain’s secretion of serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. CBD, on the other hand, is allied with relieving stress and anxiety. Incorporating CBD-infused products to your bath routine allows you to relax as well as relieve stress and anxiety. Bubble baths are easy to use because all you need to do is pour them into your bath water.

2.   Bath Salts

With bath salts, just sink into your bathtub and enjoy relief from fatigue and the sensation of warmth. CBD bath salts are an exceptional benefit, and you can be assured of relaxation and relief from every day worries

3.   CBD Nourishing Shampoo

Using CBD nourishing shampoo allows you to maintain healthy hair. A relaxing bath is not complete without using hair products that moisturize and cleanse your hair. CBD-infused hair products are known to detangle and hydrate hair. You can forget about hair dryness and breakage when you invest in the most effective CBD products available.

4.   CBD Moisturizing Conditioner

You can also use CBD conditioners to help with removing build-up from hair. Hair product build up not only gives your hair a dull appearance but also weakens it and causes it to break. There are also products that specialize in adding spirals to your curls. Regardless of your hair type, CBD is bound to soften your strands and lock moisture in.

5.   CBD Brown Sugar Scrub

Most people forget that the skin is an organ, and it needs extra care because it takes the most abuse. Consider using CBD brown sugar to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and leave it glowing. Skin care products made from organically grown CBD have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation qualities that benefit the skin.

6.   CBD Hand and Body Lotion

CBD hand and body lotion and CBD massage oil help you recover from skin burns, infections, and abrasions. Make sure to purchase lab-tested, pure and clean bath salts to help with joint pains and muscle aches. Bath salts have been around for centuries due to their effectiveness in recovery and wellness.

Take Away

Bath time is a treasured experience in many households as it is associated with relaxation and stress relief. Incorporation of CBD-infused products to your bath routine allows you to enjoy the full benefits of this product. Ensure you purchase your products from well-reputed vendors to get pure, lab-tested products. If you would like to enrich your bath experience, go to our website to sample a wide range of products. You can also contact us with any questions. 

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