CBD Oil Products for Wellness, Skin Care, Spa, Recreation and Even Pet Care!

TERRAVIDA CBD and hemp oil products give the traditional benefits without the mind-altering aspects of using marijuana with THC or some pharmaceutical medications. Our products are sold in capsule, lotion, and tincture forms. We even offer special cannabidiol oil for your pets to help treat their anxiety or chronic pain issues.


TERRAVIDA tinctures contain an oil with a cannabis extract. Some of the advantages of taking cannabis oil in a tincture form include:

  • Fast dosing when placed under the tongue.
  • Slower dosing if needed when swallowed.
  • Flexible dosing sizes: Take only a little, or a significant dose depending on your personal needs. When treating a pet, such as a dog or a cat, providing small doses is quite convenient with our CBD tincture products.
  • Tinctures are easy to add to foods or drinks.
  • Tincture products have a long shelf life if stored in a dark, cool place.


The benefits of TERRAVIDA capsules are:

  • Our softgels and veggie capsules provide an easily absorbed way to ingest CBD.
  • These capsules, when swallowed whole, will digest slowly for a more extended relief time. We recommend taking our veggie capsules or softgels at about the same time every day to get the most consistent effects.

TERRAVIDA Topical Treatments

We offer a wide range of skin care products and topical treatments containing CBD, from moisturizing cream to anti-acne products. Some of the soothing, nourishing topical products offered by TERRAVIDA are:

  • Lotions. Our anti-aging CBD lotions soothe skin, help it look younger, and reduce pain and swelling in sensitive areas.
  • Skin toners. A refreshing way to penetrate your pores to remove excess dirt!
  • CBD cream for tattoo after-care. Helps soothe the skin after a new tattoo, and keeps existing tattoos looking brighter because the skin is healthier!

What are the frequent benefits of using CBD oil products?

Our cannabidiol products can be therapeutic for treating a myriad of ailments as:

  • Pain relief. Individuals treating chronic pain have been using cannabidiol oil since 2900 B.C. to relieve pain and relax muscles. Recently, scientists have confirmed that using this beneficial oil is a viable treatment for pain sufferers. People with chronic pain such as those who have arthritis or Multiple sclerosis use this healing oil with excellent results.
  • Can help relieve rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and offer related pain relief. A study showed that using CBD oil improved sleep quality and relieved pain in people living with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • May help with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Can help reduce anxiety and depression. While there are many drugs available that relieve anxiety and depression, many of the pharmaceuticals available for this purpose remain addictive. In one study, a group of people who used CBD oil before a public speaking test had far less anxiety as compared to the placebo group. Tests have also been done on children with post-traumatic stress disorder using cannabidiol oil with positive results. Also, since CBD oil reduces anxiety and depression, it also tends to lower blood pressure, too.
  • CBD has also been used to reduce chemotherapy side effects such as pain, nausea, and vomiting. Also, some animal tests indicate the using CBD oil reduced the number of human breast cancer cells.
  • CBD oil has been used as an acne treatment that works well for some users. CBD oil may reduce the amount of sebum secreted by the skin as well as reduce the inflammation caused by acne.
  • Epilepsy and other neurological disorders: CBD oil works on the endocannabinoid system to possibly provide a boost to people with neurological disorders such as epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis patients using cannabis oils experienced a reduction in muscle spasms, while epileptic patients noticed that they had fewer seizures when using the oil.
  • Other possible benefits of CBD oil include diabetes treatment, antipsychotic treatment, anti-tumor treatment, and substance abuse treatment benefits. Studies continue to determine whether cannabidiol oil has a significant effect in these areas

If you’ve heard about the benefits of CBD for many different ailments and would like to try it yourself, our high quality CBD products are a great place to start your wellness journey. TERRAVIDA offers our customers excellent CBD oil products as well as outstanding customer service. Shop online today for the kind of CBD products you’d like to try, and see what a difference they can make!