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How CBD cannabidiol is made

This is a question asked all over the world given the popularity of CBD cannabidiol. It will be answered in detail below, based on scientific information obtained from Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP), our CBD wholesale partner that provides almost all CBD brands in the US with the most critical components they require. This is crucial to ensure only the finest quality CBD that is non-GMO certified and lab tested, cultivated from plants with superior genetics.

First, let’s recap the basics:

When we refer to clean CBD, it is not pot. Most people around the world associate hemp and marijuana with one thing: getting as high as a kite. Despite the enlightenment campaigns about the health benefits linked with this plant, that stigma remains firmly in the minds of these individuals. If you have been paying attention to the enlightenment campaigns, you would have discovered that the marijuana plant comes with several active compounds besides the one that causes the “high” – i.e., 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – that marijuana is known for.

It may surprise you to learn that Cannabis has more than 400 chemical compounds embedded within the plant. At least 60 of these are what are referred to as “cannabinoid” compounds.

What Is CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of active compounds present in the hemp plant. This substance has found a lot of use in the medical arena, and its health benefits are quite impressive.

For instance, CBD helps in alleviating inflammation and pain. It also helps in the treatment of epilepsy, anxiety as well as some variations of cancer. CBD oil provides these health benefits without the psychoactive effects created by tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. In fact, CBD oil has a few more medical uses that will be highlighted later in this article.

CBD hemp oil is the extract obtained when THC is separated from CBD in an extraction process.

CBD Oil and its Rising Popularity

The sales of CBD Oil-infused products have skyrocketed, thanks to the new farm bill that made the cultivation of CBD hemp oil legal. Since then, even more individuals have started to open up to the medical benefits associated with this drug, primarily because THC – the psychoactive compound in hemp plant – can be separated from CBD. This has made numerous retailers jump on this gravy train by expanding their product offerings as a result of the continuous rise in interest and popularity, yet there are very few suppliers of the raw products, such as CBD isolate and hemp. CBD-based products are available in several varieties: beauty products, pet products and medicinal or nutritional products.

CBD Oil-based Nutritional Supplement

Producers have started packaging CBD oil as nutritional supplements because CBD is loaded with vitamins, essential fatty acids, and Omega-3s that beneficial for your health. This naturally-occurring compound also promotes metabolic functions and lifts one’s mood positively. CBD is also a highly efficient stress reliever as well.

Medicinal Use of CBD Oil

Marijuana remains listed under Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act in the United States. Nevertheless, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for clinical trials of a particular CBD-based medicinal product that is utilized for the treatment of childhood-onset epilepsy. Furthermore, there is also an indication of the successful application of CBD oil in the treatment of anxiety, inflammation, post-workout aches, intestinal conditions, and cancers. CBD oil also shows great promise in the treatment of other health conditions such as oxidative injury, schizophrenia, and neurological inflammation. Today, there is a growing list of CBD cannabidiol research findings attesting to how powerful pure CBD can be – provided that it is free of pesticides and other harmful substances.

CBD Oil-Based Beauty Products

CBD-based beauty products have proven their worth as a result of their ability to enhance skin elasticity. These products can also eliminate wrinkles and acne, thus making CBD Oil a marketable constituent as a natural beauty and anti-aging enhancer. Many users believe that CBD-based lotions and creams do an excellent job of moisturizing the human body. It is also a naturally-occurring compound.

Read on to know more about how producers of CBD Oil extract the compound from the hemp plant.

How to Make CBD Oil

For starters, producers of CBD oil select a potent hemp source which contains substantial amounts of CBD. This aspect is crucial as it determines the quality as well as the yield at the end of the entire process. Organizations that have been in this business for decades have developed patented strains of hemp or cannabis. These particular strains produce a distinctiveness of their products that captivates or appeal to their customers.

There have been several warnings about China, reputation and ultimately customer-retention problems resulting from poor products. Chinese hemp is notoriously low potency and full of industrial chemicals from nearby heavy trade industries.

This is why manufacturers are careful about the type of marijuana plants they use when producing CBD oil so that a high-quality product is created at the end of the day.

Extraction of CBD Oil from the Plant as a Whole

The hemp plants are nurtured or cultivated and then sent to under extraction process. A few CBD oil-infused products originate from whole plant extraction processes while others are generated from isolates. Whole plant extraction is easy to understand or follow and the preferred method of extracting CBD oil from whole plants by the medical community. This is because the medical community believes that the chances of the existence of a broader spectrum of cannabinoids are high and this would result in a higher yield during the extraction process.

The entire hemp plant is part of the process, and according to medical experts, the stimulation of the endocannabinoid system occurs when the entire cannabinoid spectrum is captured.

Isolates Extraction

CBD isolates are unadulterated CBD; however, these compounds depend significantly on the quality of the hemp strain where it stemmed from and the effectiveness of the CBD.

Alcohol Extraction

The extraction of CBD oil can be done in several ways by producers. The original method of extraction, however, is the alcohol extraction process. Rick Simpson is the gentleman who is credited with the discovery of this method of CBD hemp oil extraction.

Soaking in Alcohol

The extraction of CBD hemp oil from the marijuana plant begins with soaking the hemp plant in grain alcohol, a solvent. After the material is well-soaked, the residual liquid contains copious amounts of CBD as well as other cannabinoids from the marijuana plant. The next process is to vaporize the solvent, and the subsequent result is the CBD hemp oil. The oil is ready to be added to edible products or consumed on its own. Over the years, producers of CBD hemp oil have not only adopted the Simpson’s method of extraction but have also modified it significantly. These days, what they use during the extraction process is ethanol.


As soon as the plant is soaked in ethanol, the CBD-filled ethanol mixture is made to undergo a procedure known as “Roto-Vap,” which involves heating the ethanol solution to speed up the evaporation process. The Roto-Vap secures the ethanol for reprocessing later. The CBD hemp oil is separated in an unattached chamber or compartment.

Extraction of CO2

CBD can also be extracted from the hemp plant with the use of CO2. This extraction method involves forcing CO2 through the cannabis plant in a process that is much more complex and beyond the scope of this write-up.

This extraction process requires the use of special tools and skills than the alcohol extraction technique.

You need several chambers to aid you in the CO2 extraction process. These chambers are responsible for controlling temperature and pressure. The combination of pressure and temperature within the chambers drives the CO2 cannabinoid solution to react with each other and then separate afterward. As the cannabinoids split up, the chambers collect them one by one. The extractor can go ahead to choose which cannabinoid to introduce into their products.

Dilution and Flavoring

The extraction process of CBD from the hemp plant is just one single aspect of the method of producing CBD hemp oil. But you need to know that extracted CBD is inedible, and this has made some producers to garnish the oil with flavorings to make it somewhat tasty. Consumers also have options when it comes to either the potency of the product. Producers, therefore, need to carry out some dilution processes to accommodate the needs of these consumers.

Study CBD Oil and Its Benefits on Your Own

If you don’t have time to make your own CBD hemp oil, there are several off-the-rack options available in the market today. CBD products are available in different formats: tinctures, creams, and capsules. All you need to do is to shop around for the one that best suits you.

Working with Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP):

What are the Problematic Aspects of “Going It Alone” in the Hemp Industry?

Today, most computer brands run on an intel chip for a reason: It is just too much trouble to try and produce their own CPU’s. Well, the CBD industry is in a similar position: Industrial Hemp Partners (IHP), is literally like the intel chip for CBD manufacturers. US and European companies know very well that compromised CBD from Asia cannot sustain their business and will cause immense problems. There have been severe warnings about China and their reputation for creating poor CBD Oil-infused products. The primary reason behind this public outcry is that Chinese hemp has extremely low potent qualities. This is all due to the contamination of marijuana plants by industrial chemicals discharged from neighboring heavy-trade industries in China.

This unfortunate occurrence has led to the development of customer retention problems which is a critical factor to the success of any organization. Therefore, the need to produce CBD hemp oil of high quality is essential if manufacturers want to remain in business for a long time.

But the ugly truth is that it is virtually impossible to succeed unaided in the hemp industry. This is because there are several critical components – apart from certification issues, etc. – that must be monitored closely and according to laid-down guidelines before the marijuana plant releases the CBD oil extract. Indeed, the hemp industry is a service-driven one, and without outside help, only a few companies will survive for very long.

IHP is one of the leading firms that specialize in providing a few, essential services that will make CBD oil production a breeze for producers. They focus mainly on the following:

  • Farming
  • Extraction of the raw material
  • Freighting, and
  • Selling raw products including isolate

IHP has been around since the early days of the CBD industry. Back then, only five major CBD brands were in existence globally. IHP have contributed immensely to the growth of these companies by helping them to boost their revenues via the consistent supply of high-quality hemp from reputable sources. IHP has been able to win the trust of these organizations and has built a solid clientele on behalf of which they transact business up to $30,000,000 at a time.

IHP knows the inner workings of the industry and has, over the years, established long-term relationships with both reliable farmers and esteemed customers. This is a feat that a stand-alone company or new entrants into the industry may not achieve for many decades without spending a vast amount of money or influence.


The benefits of CBD hemp oil in the health industry cannot be over emphasized. This will accelerate as more research is carried out to discover other latent benefits of this constituent of cannabis. There is only one path to sustainable CBD production: that is through the production of pure CBD from uncontaminated sources and plants with superior genetics.

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