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Combating Addiction: Promising News For CBD & Heroin Withdrawal

Addiction has long been a grave and serious issue that people from around the world have struggled with. While many substances can lead to severe health consequences, heroin is one of the most addictive and most dangerous. According to the CDC, about 15,000 people died as a result of heroin overdose in 2017. This is significant, as those with heroin addiction disorder often cannot function well enough to kick the habit on their own. The withdrawal symptoms are intense enough that most people simply can’t tolerate them without some form of relief.

Fortunately, those with heroin addiction disorder seeking help may have found a life-saving asset to help them cope with withdrawal. CBD is showing promise as a rehabilitating treatment for heroin addiction as well as other areas of substance abuse.

Finding Relief With CBD

Similar to studies that have shown CBD can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, a recent psychiatric study has shown that it can also help reduce symptoms of heroin withdrawal. While these findings are far from definitive, they do offer fresh groundwork to further the cause of helping people in need to overcome addiction.

A total of 42 people who were attempting to overcome heroin addiction participated in the study. Of those, half were given CBD initially while the other half were given a placebo. These participants were shown video suggestions designed to trigger cravings such as people using heroin, syringes, and other images related to heroin. The results showed that those who were given CBD beforehand were less affected by these visual cues, and even more remarkably were less aggravated by their cravings for up to a week afterward. This suggests that cannabidiol could provide significant help to those struggling to give up their addictions, perhaps lessening the strain their withdrawal symptoms impose on the mind and body. Continued research into these findings is already planned, meaning CBD oil could soon play a substantial role in reducing addiction across the world.

CBD Combating Pain & Addiction

Studies like these have become increasingly prevalent due to the extent of drug abuse that continues to thrive throughout society. Not only heroin, but other opioids have become a widespread hazard to many areas of the world causing severe health risks and, in many cases, resulting in fatality. The amazing thing about CBD is that it has the potential to counteract these addictions in several ways. Not only might it help people overcoming addiction, but it may also help in part to prevent people from becoming addicted. As a treatment for chronic pain, there’s little doubt that CBD oil is much safer than opioids and other common pain killers. In time, it may help by treating pain without the need to resort to potentially addictive and hazardous pharmaceuticals as are so often used today.

At present CBD is not endorsed to treat any condition or disease, except for some forms of epilipsey. In time, further research may lead to more refined treatments for a variety of issues, but for now it remains available to those looking to utilize it as they will.

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