Chronic fatigue syndrome: can CBD really make a difference?

What is chronic fatigue syndrome? 


There are many people today who are struggling with CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome. It is also sometimes referred to as ME or myalgic encephalomyelitis. This is a medical condition which can result in a whole lot of negative symptoms. In most cases, people who are suffering from this syndrome will experience extreme fatigue. They will find it difficult to manage the situation and this might have a detrimental impact on a person’s quality of life. There are unfortunately very few conventional treatment methods which are really effective. And this is exactly why an increasing number of people suffering from CFS is now becoming interested in medical marijuana. The important question naturally will be whether cannabis will indeed be a suitable cure for chronic fatigue or will this prove to be another misconception as far as alternative medicine is concerned. We are in the fortunate position that there is an incredible amount of information available on just about any topic imaginable. There are now many pharmacies that are willing and able to sell CBD products to people. 

How will CFS affect people? 


There is still no known cure for CFS and it still has to be discovered what exactly is causing CFS. There are suspicions that it could be triggered by a range of factors such as bacterial or viral infections. It might also be the result of hormonal imbalance. The problem might also be with the immune system. It is quite possible that it could be due to extreme stress or emotional trauma. There are also some researchers who are investigating the possibility that CFS may be due to genetic factors. It was actually found that CFS is more dominant in certain families than in others. Females are more likely to suffer from CFS than men. CFS is also more dominant between the ages of 25 and 45. There are many symptoms associated with CFS. On some days they will be more apparent than on others. It can also occasionally happen that people who are suffering from CFS could have setbacks or relapses. When this happens the symptoms may become significantly worse for a certain time. Some of the symptoms encountered are headaches, dizziness, muscle and joint pain, palpitations, insomnia, nausea, sore throat or glands, and people can also suffer from extreme mental and physical tiredness. These systems can come and go and at times they will be mild but they can also become very severe. The symptoms are also different from one person to another. When a person has been exercising too much or has been studying for a long time, the CFS symptoms can become worse. 

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There is simply no acknowledged cure 


There is a lot of mystery surrounding CFS. And therefore finding suitable treatment can be a problem. A lot of the medication which can be used to treat certain symptoms such as muscle pain and headaches could have many side effects. The biggest problems are encountered when using strong analgesics such as opioids. Some therapies which have become popular for CFS is CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy. What this will do is that it can allow people to come to terms with their diagnosis. It will also help people to develop more effective coping strategies. CBT can also help with mental health. Other people suffering from CFS can benefit from activity management or exercise therapy. The purpose here is to find a way to slowly increase an individual’s activity levels. This can help CFS sufferers to establish milestones such as going shopping or doing essential household chores without relapsing. Another possible solution might be to make some lifestyle changes which can sometimes be effective when managing CFS symptoms. It will be important for CFS sufferers to have a nutritious and well-balanced diet. They should also have an excellent sleeping schedule. It is very important to pay careful attention to the amount of time spent on resting and the time spent in doing things. There are many people suffering from CFS who are experimenting with coping therapies and different supplements but unfortunately, none of those things have been scientifically proven to be effective. Many CFS sufferers are frustrated by the lack of suitable treatments. Many of these people are now becoming interested in medical marijuana just in order to see if CBD cannot provide a solution for this syndrome. 

More CBD research is urgently needed 


Individuals and those in medical circles are affected by the lack of research into CBD related products. The reason for this is that cannabis has been illegal for a long time. It is well-known that cannabis has excellent medical properties which are making it useful for a wide variety of ailments. Unfortunately, we do not know exactly at this point how CBD is interacting with the body and also how exactly it can be used to treat certain problems such as CBS. This does not mean that we are completely in the dark because we know enough to be certain that CBD can indeed help with many commonly experienced health care problems. As far as fibromyalgia is concerned this is something which is very similar to CFS, it was discovered that after using marijuana subjects have seen significant improvements in things such as relaxation, stiffnesspain, sleepiness and in well-being. As far as mental health is concerned subjects who have made use of marijuana were doing better than those who did not use marijuana. 

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CBD has endless possibilities 


Even though a lot more research is still required there is already enough evidence to suggest that CBD can really benefit people suffering from CFS. Numerous studies have already shown that cannabis can help with relaxation, is able to relieve pain, can help with sleeplessness and also with emotional issues such as depression and anxiety. Many people would now like to know whether cannabis will be able to help people to deal with the extreme tiredness which is one of the reasons why this syndrome is having such an impact on people. There are still uncertainties on this point. Some strains of cannabis may be more effective as far as CFS is concerned. One of the best strains as far as pain relief and relaxation is concerned is the Indica strain. However, this may not work during the day when it might actually increase tiredness. Other strains are also available such as Sativa strains. They can be good for upliftment, cerebral effects as well as increasing mental focus and energy. This strain can also help with depression. Between these two strains which have been mentioned CFS sufferers might just be able to find a natural product which can help them to beat CFS. 

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