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CBD Products for Every Part of Your Body

As the world’s biggest supplier of the finest quality raw products (including isolate) to other CBD refineries, we always acknowledge other good products on the market, many which will be mentioned below. It is an interesting time for the industry now, where quality producers can innovate with products that will serve the public for a lifetime. Whether it is B2B wholesale, white label solutions to help companies start a new CBD brand, or drop shipping through our global supply chain that reaches the consumer in many countries – Terravida is proud to be a part of the a fully developed chain, with end to end coverage.

A brief recap for those who are relatively new to the topic: CBD doesn’t get you high, but it is made from the cannabis plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol which loosely means derived from cannabis, making it subject to the laws placed on marijuana in the U.S. CBDs got a major boost from the December 2018 farm bill which legalized the production of hemp and the interstate transfer of hemp products. This has paved the way for the CBD market which is predicted to get to $20 billion by 2022.

CBD’s fame is growing by leaps and bounds. No matter what you read, you will always get reviews from CBD users attesting to the ability of CBD products offering relief for just about any illness, from chronic back pain, anxiety, menstrual cramps, muscle soreness, chapped lips, and even dandruff.

Here, we will discuss some of the products and how they benefit each part of your body:

Prose Shampoo for Your Hair

Similar to all other shampoos this particular one is   for hair hygiene. The CBD in it is used for a healthy scalp and for livening up your locks.

Kush High-Volume Mascara for Your Eyes

This hemp-derived oil fuses with heart-shaped fibres for thickness without fallout. It has a hydrating formula that fills up the hollow fibres for a double dose of volume. It comes with a tree-shaped brush that lifts every single lash from root to tip.

Lord Jones Gumdrop for Your Mouth

The Lord Jones brand is well known for its beautiful packaging and being a well-researched brand has put it in the vanguard of the CBD health and wellness revolution. The gumdrop is made of natural fruits, citric acid, sugar, gelatin and hemp-derived CBD extract, which customers have attested to its ability to promote a calm sense of well-being.

Vertly Lip Butter for Your Lips

This is a handcrafted lip balm with organic and nourishing ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, kokum butter, cacao butter, and jojoba oil. This lip balm has been created to heal, moisturize and protect your lips. The hemp derived CBD in the lip balm has incredible benefits for your skin’s wellness.

Lily CBD for Your Tongue

The best way to take in CBD is to squirt the oil under the tongue.  This is beneficial for treating anxiety, improving your concentration, productivity and creativity.

Herb Essentials Moisturizer for Your Face

Hemp seed oils stimulate the natural oil production of your skin, which keeps it elastic and hydrated. The unique properties also counteract overproduction of skin oil which causes clogged pores. This moisturizer has been engineered using hemp oil and fortified with green tea and organic fruit extract.

Foria Awaken for Intimate Areas

This is an intimate massage oil with a wide spectrum of CBD oil. It was formulated for women to improve tactile sensation and pleasure while reducing dryness, discomfort, and tension.

The Food and Drug Administration has openly declared to continue enforcing the ban against adding CBD to drinks, foods and dietary supplements. However, this hasn’t stopped companies from doing just that. Those who have used CBD swear that it has helped relieve their anxiety helping them with sleep and pain.

However, CBD products remain unregulated in their quality and different sellers may have different quality products. The interest and excitement for CBD products continues to grow by the day. Anxiety, stress and depression, whose signals are mostly rooted in the brain can be alleviated by the use of CBD products making their symptoms less intense for the user.

CBD Facts

The Alchemist Kitchen in Manhattan hosted a CBD 101 class with a dozen adults to cover the basics. They explained the reason why you can’t get high from CBD products with a proper dosage.

However, there is yet to be a federal level regulation on the dosage of the CBD products and a determination of the quantity each product should contain.

The dose also varies from shop to shop. Some shops may recommend six milligrams when added to food, while others recommend at least 30 milligrams. With a prediction of $20 billion in the CBD market by 2022, more people are signing up for state licenses and experimenting with CBD products in an attempt to get a piece of the CBD money pie. This may spell doom for consumers as harmful products may find their way into the market and taint CBD’s appeal.

Trends in CBD Market

The Woodstock bar, NYC has added a new CBD cocktail to their menu called the White Rabbit. The drink is made with Bombay Dry Gin, honey, sage simple syrup, fresh lemon and one milligram of CBD oil.

The beverage director, Joe Masse, was nervous about the drink at first, but the cocktail has become one of the best-selling gin cocktails. It is trendy but he is not sure yet if he will add more CBD oil drinks in the future. He worked with a nearby pharmacy which carries CBD oil.


CBD has gone mainstream as coffee shops and bars add CBD related drinks to their menus. This trend will see CBD’s fame grow further than it had already grown before. With its countless benefits, however not scientifically proven, CBD is attracting more and more users from moms struggling with insomnia to young adults with anxiety. Our own product range is constantly evolving, as you will notice here on the site.

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