Bladder control what can CBD do to help?

Understanding the human bladder 


Something which has been very interesting to researchers was the fact that the ECS or Endocannabinoid System is also present in the urinary bladder. This is why there was widespread speculation that there may be ECS signaling involved when it comes to bladder regulation. Further assumptions were that the binding of ECS with the cannabinoid receptors could have the effect that the bladder relaxes especially while it is filling up. Another assumption was that dysregulation in the human bladder by ECS might be responsible for something else such as aetiopathogenesis of Overactive Bladder Syndrome as well as Detrusor Overactivity. More and more scientific evidence on the various medical benefits of marijuana is discovered almost on a daily basis. Since the legalization of marijuana more researchers are becoming interested. This has led to many interesting discoveries such as the recent discovery that CBD may be able to help especially females who may be struggling with an overactive bladder. In this regard, it is especially urogynecologist’s who are starting to pay attention. 

Can CBD have a positive impact on the bladder? 


According to available statistics, more than 20 million women today are struggling with an overactive bladder. This can be a very big problem especially for women with a very active lifestyle. They might have to frequently urinate and this can often lead to emotional stress and also embarrassment. In a worst-case scenario, a woman might have to drastically alter her routine in order to avoid a situation where they may be embarrassed. The problem is that such a lifestyle can rob a woman from many pleasures in life. There are many things which they will not be able to do because of all those persistent bladder problems. For those woman suffering from this condition, it can happen that the muscles of the bladder can contract spasmodically. This can happen suddenly and with no prior warning and can give a woman the impression that she has to urinate immediately. Anyone who has been in this situation before will know that these contractions on the detrusor muscles are very strong and this can result in leaking of fluids past the sphincter muscles which is responsible for stopping fluids from getting through. 

CBD tinctures

Related CBD studies 


Several studies have been done in the last decade which have indicated that CBD which is ingested orally can have an influence on the signaling function of the brain and bladder. Earlier, as well as later studies, seem to indicate that CBD can play an important role in decreasing the number of misfires which is causing all the problems in the female bladder. In a normal bladder, the detrusor muscles will be relaxed as long as the urine is stored in that cavity and when fluids have to be expelled from the bladder those muscles will contact. When there are problems with the signaling process this has the result that the detrusor muscles go into spasm and contractions is irregular. This results in the unexpected leakage of fluids which also occur at a very inconvenient time, therefore, leading to extreme embarrassment especially when the damage is considerable. During the many research projects, it was been discovered that the body has receptors for the cannabinoids CB1 and CB2 which is present in the bladder and in the brain. They can also be found in other parts of the human body. Both of these receptors interact with the detrusor muscles on several levels. Most of the efforts of researchers are now on finding proof that these receptors have an impact on urination. Therefore, manipulating these receptors with the use of CBD could potentially be beneficial to those women who are suffering from OAB. 

The need for scientific evidence 


It is completely understandable that many women who are suffering from OAB are by now desperate to find a cure for this condition. However, it is extremely important to be patient for little while longer. A tremendous amount of medical research will have to be done before any responsible doctor would be able to prescribe CBD for OAB. They are nevertheless many positive indications as far as CBD treatment is concerned. A study five years ago by the organization AAN has discovered proof that CBD can help to relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis and this included spasticity and OAB. However, there are many other considerations such as depression, mental impairment, seizures and memory loss which has to be looked into before doctors can proceed to suggest the use of CBD. Many other medical benefits have already been discovered for CBD such as the treatment of muscle spasms, appetite stimulation, nausea control, and pain relief. At this point in time, it is important to note that the FDA has not yet approved marijuana inhalation for any medical condition or disease. Further research might discover that CBD is indeed a suitable treatment for OAB 

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CBD has many excellent medical properties 


Over the last couple of years, a large number of studies have been done to look into the medical benefits of CBD. The University of Colorado is government authorized researchers, especially on medical marijuana. There is, therefore, a very strong probability that this University will be a constant source of new discoveries as far as CBD is concerned. They have already committed themselves to let the consumer know when CBD related results have been discovered which is likely to provide a cure for OAB. People should note that the University of Colorado Urogynecology is focused on important areas of research such as female pelvic surgery and health. There are many notable researchers and professors active at the University of Colorado school of medicine which is, in fact, one of the leading educational institutions in the US. These professionals are committed to carefully investigate and research the use of CBD in relation to many medical health problems encountered today. New discoveries are made every day and it may well be that a cure might be found for OAB in the not-too-distant future. 

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