Birth control: what role can CBD play?

Hormonal contraception and related matters 


For almost 60 years now the human race has known hormonal contraception. The primary purpose is to prevent unwanted pregnancy and this is accomplished by manipulating hormones in the human body. Many people today are acquainted with the pill which is one of the most commonly available hormonal birth control systems available. However, birth control can also be administered in many other ways and each one of them will have their own effects and success rate. It will have a variety of effects on the human body such as differences in blood pressure, appetite and also in body weight. For woman, in particular, there will be other benefits such as substantial relief from menstrual pain. Hormonal contraception can also be successful to help woman to avoid certain types of cancer. 

CBD has taken the world by storm 


Especially since the legalization of CBD in many countries, it has gained a lot of recognition in the media. It is also received a lot of attention in the health and wellness circles. This has led to other questions such as the interaction of CBD with hormonal contraceptives. People should note that CBD is only one component among more than 100 others which is found in cannabis. Most of these individual properties can be extracted from cannabis and can be converted into CBD oil. In many cases, these oils are the base product which is used for the production of many other health remedies. Such remedies are available in many different forms such as topical creams, capsules, and tinctures. There has been a lot of interest from scientific circles regarding CBD. Many of the studies which have already been conducted seem to indicate that CBD can be a safer alternative compared to pharmaceutical products especially when treating certain specific health-related issues.  

CBD tincture

How it works? 


As soon as CBD is introduced into the human body it will signal the CB one and CB two receptors which are located in the endocannabinoid system in our body. This is a very important part of the human brain which is responsible for the regulation of many parts of the human body. This includes important system such as the hormones, nervous system and immune system. Research has shown that CBD is often a more natural and safe solution than pharmaceuticals but we also know that CBD oil can impact certain patients differently and for some people there may be certain risks involved. It should be understood that CBD by itself is not harmful to humans. However, it interacts with the female body in different ways and it also interacts with other supplements and medications which a woman is taking. All of these things should be taken into consideration when a woman is on hormonal birth control. A lot of claims have been made about the alleged interference of CBD with hormonal birth control. There are also people who reported other menstruation problems, side effects, and other negative changes and in some cases also unwanted pregnancy.  

There is simply not sufficient scientific evidence 


None of these things have been properly verified and there are many people who are not convinced that the claims which are made can be substantiated. They are in fact many females who have been on hormonal birth control and CBD simultaneously over extended periods of times who have not reported any side effects or negative consequences. Similarly, claims have been made about most other notable pharmaceutical products but in most cases those things are subjective and without scientific or medical research they cannot be accepted as fact. One of the last studies on the alleged interference of CBD with hormonal birth control has been done in the early 1980s. Since then this subject has received very little attention probably because cannabis was still illegal in most countries. The 1983 study has indicated that CBD is apparently competing with estradiol which is an important female sex hormone. These two is then competing for estrogen receptors located in the reproductive system. This could then prevent estrogen-based contraception from working properly. 

The CBD influence 


According to one study cannabinoid receptors seem to play a large role in the ability of cannabinoids to actually influence hormone release. We already know that hormonal birth control is also having an effect on the hormonebehavior. This is exactly why substantially more research will have to be done to fully understand how birth control and CBD interfere with each other. Even if it could be proven that the hormone activity could be affected by CBD there are other noteworthy considerations. One of the very first pharmacological studies relating to CBD has discovered a remarkable side effect in other parts of the human body. As far as the human liver is concerned CBD inactivates cytochrome p450 enzymes. The enzymes are known to metabolize many of the clinically useful drugs. The conclusion, therefore, is that CBD could very well prevent hormonal birth control from being metabolized correctly by the human body.  

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New discoveries 


In 2011 more was learned regarding the role of CBD in the prevention of drug metabolism. The findings of that study were published in the Life Sciences Journal. The advantage of this earlier database that it now seems to confirm that using CBD oil while on hormonal birth control could have negative consequences. For now, at least it will be best not to use CBD oil if you are already on hormonal birth control. This does not mean that it will be a good idea to ignore the many benefits which CBD has as far as various other health-related issues are concerned. Increasing numbers of people are using CBD every day often with remarkable results. Many of them are now using CBD products as a substitute for their prescription medication. The benefits of CBD when it comes to anxiety and depression cannot be refuted. 

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