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CBD Research News

Research thus far has shown that CBD might be useful for: painaddiction,withdrawalnauseaarthritisweightlossendometriosisPTSDanxiety, epilepsyinsomniadepressioninflammationCrohn’s and even psychosis in those with Parkinson’s and schizophrenia

It has been proven beneficial for some children. It might even be beneficial for our pets.  

These studies only echo what CBD users have been saying for years now. Still, the studies are important if we are ever going to better understand how and why CBD seems to be so useful. The studies are also important if we ever hope to see CBD prescribed and dispensed to patients.  

Even the Mayo Clinic agrees that the research is promising. They say that there is both preclinical and clinical evidence that CBD might be useful for an array of conditions

Again, it’s hard to ignore even the anecdotal accounts when there are so many. That’s without all the research studies that have already been done on cannabis or CBD specifically. 

Yet, so far the FDA has only approved CBD as a treatment in the case of two rare forms of childhood epilepsy. They then called for more research.

Current CBD Research 

Luckily, that research is on the horizon. Colorado– with an entrenched culture of cannabis use– is ground zero for some of this research. The research is happening, in part, because backing for it exists on all fronts. You see, in a country struggling with an Opioid crisis the possibility of a non-addictive pain reliever, like CBD, is extremely alluring. 

Still, the research can’t happen soon enough when you consider how widespread the use of CBD already is. Perhaps that’s where the federal government steps in. 

The United States government just announced a $3 million effort to research the health benefits of CBD. They are backing nine studies, at least one of which will examine CBD’s influence on pain. Further, the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research has announced $3 million in research grants that will go toward five more studies. 

The Academy of Pain Medicine is one entity urging the FDA to reclassify cannabinoids as schedule II instead of schedule I. This would make it easier to research the health benefits of cannabinoids. They also say that rescheduling would lead to greater regulation, something else that has widespread backing. 

We’ve all heard how loosely regulated the CBD market currently is. We’ve heard about the studies that showed many samples of CBD to be mislabeled and tainted with things such as heavy metals and pesticides

We know that it’s up to customers to exercise the utmost due diligence when buying CBD. Hopefully, greater regulation will help make the CBD hemp oil market just a little safer for those who rely on it to help address issues they have. 

We’ve talked about where the cannabis market is. But where is it headed? 

The Future of CBD Research

New research is going to address the effects of cannabis on driving. It will also look at the effect of cannabis on those with neuropathic pain, severe autism, bipolar disorder, PTSD, behavioral problems, and psychosis.

Increased research will look at the effects of cannabis on UFC athletes. Even more research will look at the effects of cannabis on minors, learning, and memory. The study will also examine the effects of liberal drug policies. 

That’s without noting the illuminating research happening outside the United States. As you can see, there’s no shortage of research on the way. 

It’s very promising and also heartening that the scientific and medical communities are embracing CBD considering that it seems poised to help so many. This research will hopefully illuminate the average user as well as regulators and prescribers. 

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