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CBD, short for cannabidiol, has grown immensely in popularity over the past few years. Meanwhile, scientists are carefully studying its potential benefits. CBD appears to be a viable treatment for a wide range of health conditions, especially those that disproportionately affect people over the age of 50. Indeed, your parents and loved ones who are approaching their senior years might find relief in CBD for their various ailments. Let’s take a look.

May Help with Pain Relief

CBD is probably best known for its ability to minimize patients’ pain. By working with the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD naturally reduces inflammation that can cause pain. As many as 85 percent of seniors experience chronic pain but are highly susceptible to the negative side effects of standard pain medications. CBD presents a natural alternative that can help provide relief to the older members of our society.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

Some research has shown that CBD can reduce high blood pressure and the inflammation of or damage to heart tissue, both of which are contributing factors to heart attacks. As heart disease is the number-one killer of Americans over the age of 60, it’s important to promote cardiovascular health at all ages. CBD may be a good supplement to a heart-healthy routine and diet for seniors.

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Help Achieve Better Sleep

Older adults tend to have sleep issues, whether due to pain or other issues. Poor sleep can exacerbate other issues and cause irritability, depression, and chronic pain. Research has suggested that CBD can help people fall asleep and lengthen sleep duration without lasting sedation effects. By promoting better sleep, CBD can help your loved ones treat a variety of ailments.

Stronger Bones

Even a short fall or slip can be a serious issue for a senior adult. Their bones have lost density and important minerals that keep them strong. Research has shown that CBD slows the natural loss of bone tissue and can promote healing in case of a fracture. Regular consumption of CBD can therefore be an effective way to protect aging bones.

Protection Against Alzheimer’s

While research on CBD’s protective effects against Alzheimer’s is only preliminary, initial findings suggest that CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects work on brain tissue affected by beta-amyloid — a key factor in Alzheimer’s. When beta-amyloid strikes nerve cells, it causes inflammation and ultimately cell death. This degeneration causes dementia and other neurological effects associated with Alzheimer’s. Therefore, CBD seems like it may be able to protect against the development of the disease.


As your parents and other loved ones age, they face a variety of common ailments that impair their ability to enjoy their golden years. From poor sleep to weaker bones to higher risk of heart disease, seniors need a way to naturally restore balance to their bodies and protect against inflammation and degeneration. CBD’s various properties and low side effects combine to make it a potent, viable treatment option for these ailments. Also, it’s a general boost to senior health. A wide range of CBD products are available so that your parents can start living their best lives.

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