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Will CBD Help Clear Brain Fog?

As you may already know, CBD is short for Cannabidiol, which is a chemical compound found in cannabis (hemp and marijuana) plants. The two things that are most important to know about CBD are:

1.CBD is non-psychoactive. In other words, CBD doesn’t make people “get high” or feel “stoned.” CBD tends to promote a feeling of balanced relaxation, without intoxication.

2.CBD has been found to have a variety of benefits. For instance, CBD has been shown to help reduce pain and inflammation; relieve anxiety; and reduce insomnia. The American Journal of Psychiatry reports that research shows scientific evidence suggesting that  CBD may prove useful in treating schizophrenia, and is well known for childhood epilepsy syndromes.

But what about CBD’s impact on mental focus, memory and concentration?

Can CBD Help Improve Your Memory & Focus?

There’s quite a bit of anecdotal evidence—i.e. first-person reports—of CBD enhancing memory and improving mental focus. But is there scientific evidence to validate these personal experiences? 

What we can say is that the scientific evidence in relation to CBD’s potential as a neurological protector—i.e. its ability to improve mental focus, memory and concentration—is very promising. Such scientific exploration is, however, also just in its beginning stages, and so rather undeveloped. In other words, there’s lots of room for additional research.

The good news is that there’s lots of interest among scientists in CBD-related research topics and growing financial support for such work. According to Science News, the National Institute of Health funding for CBD studies in 2018 was around $16 million. (Just four years earlier, in 2014, it was zero!)

So it’s safe to assume that a host of new scientific studies will soon be conducted, that will help us better understand how CBD affects mental focus and concentration.

Neurological Benefits Of CBD

With the caveat that scientific research around these questions is still in its beginning stages, some possible neurological benefits of CBD include:

* Neuroprotective effects. CBD may protect neurons (i.e. brain cells) from degeneration; and hence slow down or reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

* Analgesic effects. CBD has been shown to suppress pain, and can be especially useful in the treatment of chronic pain.

* Anti-anxiety effects. CBD has been shown to be effective for anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

So how exactly does CBD work? What happens in our brain, when we take CBD, that allows it to have these beneficial effects?  

CBD In The Brain: How Does It Work?

There are many really interesting (though also a bit technical) biochemical aspects to how CBD works in the brain. For the science-geek in you, some of these include:

1.CBD targets the very specific serotonin 1A receptor. Its interaction with this receptor is associated with many of CBD’s therapeutic effects.

2.CDB also interacts with vanilloid receptors, orphan receptors, and nuclear receptors. Vanilloid receptors relate to inflammation and pain perception. Some studies show CBD’s interaction with orphan and nuclear receptors may have the potential to reduce the spread of cancer cells.

3.CBD has an effect on serotonin in the brain, in much the same way as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) drugs work. Increased serotonin levels mean a reduction of anxiety. As anxiety levels decrease, our ability to focus tends to increase and may be why CBD is used by some to help reduce ADHD symptoms.

The Bottom Line:

CBD has a well-known track record for helping to decrease stress levels; quiet anxiety and depression; help alleviate chronic pain; improve the quality of sleep; and treat epilepsy and neuropsychiatric disorders. It also holds great promise as a natural option to improve cognitive function—i.e. to reduce brain fog and enhance mental focus and concentration.

So if you’re inspired to start nourishing your brain power and enhancing the powers of concentration, CBD hemp oil is well worth checking out! TerraVida Online offers a wide variety of CBD oil products for you to choose from. Try one of our consumables, like the CBD oral drops/tinctures or the always convenient CBD capsules. And if you’re not sure where to start, just ask—we are always happy to help.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us


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