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Experts Speak Out: Why CBD Products Are Increasingly Found in Spas and Retreats

The secret is out – CBD products work effectively for a wide range of ailments. Many companies are getting on board with its healing powers, including the spa and retreat business. Day Spa Magazine recently interviewed a number of different experts in the spa and retreat business to find out why CBD products are making such a giant splash with their customers. The answers are inspiring and make us look forward to our next spa day, either in a professional setting, or in the comfort of our homes. 

Spa Popularity

The popularity of products such as CBD massage oil, CBD hand and body lotion, and more is experiencing an exciting surge in the spa setting. According to the experts, this is only a natural progression within the relaxation and natural pain relief setting. Natural remedies, such as aromatherapy or arnica, have already been in use for decades. As CBD legality and positive research rises, so too does its open use in these settings as a purely natural ailment remedy. Clients are requesting the hemp-based, non-psychoactive treatment in its various forms, revealing that it eases inflammation, helps reduce stress, and provides better sleep, among other benefits. Experts agree that it is a wonderful treatment that is long overdue within the spa treatment profession. 

Highly Demanded Customer Services

Many spas and retreats are offering CBD options within their routine services, including CBD brown sugar scrubs, CBD body healing creams, and use of CBD silk massage candle in the treatment rooms. As with other natural remedies, clients choose the products used in their regular session. The experts interviewed revealed that the CBD treatments are quickly increasing in demand, with deep tissue options rising to the top of all requested items for massages. This treatment loosens muscles and can be applied at home between sessions. Experts also agree that the CBD facial treatments picked by customers leave skin feeling smooth and refreshed. When a customer is apprehensive about products touching the skin, however, the popular massage candle is offered, helping to create a calming atmosphere while reducing stress and anxiety. TERRA VIDA’S massage candle is rubbed into the skin after it melts.

Educating Clients

Experts in the industry agree that educating clients is the biggest hurdle in using CBD, especially as the stigma has not fully subsided. However, giving customers a choice in product is key. After a professional explains why the CBD product works, how it works, and that it is not the same derivative as the psychoactive substance, the client is free to choose. Professionals attend classes to learn how to properly explain CBD products to clients in easy-to-understand terms, allowing clients to make an educated decision. Interviewed experts explain that educated clients increasingly choose CBD products over other types, then continue to request the same products after receiving satisfactory results. Many clients purchase the same products for use at home.

Creating the Experience Outside the Spa

Having a spa day is a special treat that many people only experience on occasion, which is why home-based spa treatments are a popular choice. In fact, experts recommend continuing the treatments in the home, with products such as bubble bath, CBD creams, CBD body butters, tinctures, and more.  After reviewing the opinions of the experts, it makes sense to incorporate CBD into an at-home care routine. Products such as CBD nourishing shampoo, bubble bath, bath salts, and CBD salt and sugar scrubs create a relieving spa experience without traveling anywhere. CBD soaks into the skin, relieving tired muscles, rejuvenating skin cells, and creating a better overall feeling of relaxation. As the full line of CBD beauty products increases, so too does the chance for gaining their full benefits from the comfort of home.

If you’d like to discuss CBD beauty products further or take a look at our CBD skin care products contact us today!

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