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The Facts About CBD & Inflammation

As you probably know already, inflammation can be a potentially dangerous problem. Though it’s a natural bodily process, too much inflammation can lead to a variety of severe medical conditions. Essentially, it’s a process whereby white blood cells pour toxic chemicals into a targeted area in order to destroy invaders. As you might expect, these toxins can also be hazardous to our own cells and tissues. Too much inflammation can lead to such things as arthritis, heart disease, several neurodegenerative diseases, and many other serious conditions. It’s for these reasons that a lot of attention has been paid to CBD and other compounds found in hemp. It turns out, the anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD are some of the most powerful there are.

The Anti-Inflammatory Qualities of CBD    

The key to knowing how inflammation can be treated is by understanding it as an immune response. This means that in order to combat inflammation, it’s necessary to target receptors which affect the immune system. CB2, one of the two main cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system, is precisely what’s required in this situation. The CB2 receptor directly affects your immune system and can be triggered by several cannabinoids including CBD.

As far as cannabinoids go, CBD is by far the most abundant one which can trigger the CB2 receptor. When it does, the receptor signals the cells in your immune system to reduce the amount of inflammation. Some studies have shown that CBD is even more effective at treating inflammation this way than any other available option. Combined with the other compounds found in hemp, the effect is even 20x stronger than aspirin and twice as strong as hydrocortisone. Full spectrum or broad spectrum cannabidiol takes full advantage of all these ingredients, offering what may be the most effective anti-inflammation supplement there is.


Reducing Inflammation With CBD  

Inflammation is an issue that millions around the world struggle with. Modern medical science now considers it to be the root cause of numerous diseases and has also demonstrated a link between acute inflammation and various debilitating symptoms. There are a lot of ways your body could be led to producing an inflammatory immune response, such as stress or poor diet. Sugar, refined carbohydrates, saturated fats, and MSG are some of the most inflammatory food compounds you could ingest. Reducing these inflammation triggers can be an important step in preventing many diseases, and CBD is a major factor worth considering.

Given the accessibility and numerous benefits CBD hemp oil can provide, it serves as an ideal supplement for reducing the amount of inflammation in your body. Not only are you helping keep yourself safe from potentially debilitating diseases, but you’re also taking advantage of the many mental, emotional, and physical health benefits it can provide. This means you’re giving yourself a chance to feel healthier and more positive in nearly every area of your natural form.


Quality CBD Hemp Products Online

At Terra Vida, our products are lab tested to be 100% natural, cruelty-free, and with zero intoxicating high effect. We offer CBD in tinctures, capsules, consumables, and more. We also have a variety of CBD skin care and anti-aging products available. Our mission is to provide helpful cannabidiol oil products for health-conscious consumers looking to improve their quality of life. All-natural supplements like CBD offer a convenient alternative to manufactured pharmaceuticals. Whether you’re looking to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, improve your mood, or simply feel a little better, we have a wide range of products and the knowledge to suit your individual needs.


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