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When searching for the type of CBD product that’s right for you, one of the biggest factors to look out for is the difference between the kinds of CBD that are available. Genuine CBD oil can provide therapeutic and physical benefits on its own, but there are other effects it may or may not also provide. This is because CBD is only one of the chemical components found in Cannabis Sativa, the plant known commonly as hemp. There are more than 500 distinct cannabinoids, terpenes, oils, and other compounds found in hemp that can affect the overall impact its products can have. To make things simple, most CBD oils can be divided into one of three descriptions. These are isolates, full spectrum CBD, and broad spectrum CBD with ZERO THC.

CBD Isolate

In general, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD there is. All excess compounds such as THC, terpenes, and chlorophyll are completely removed during the extraction process, leaving a product that’s 99.9% pure. This means that when consumed, you’re getting the full effects of CBD without anything else. These effects can be beneficial in a number of ways on their own, but there are some benefits from other compounds you may be missing out on. Even so, it’s a great product for those looking to avoid THC and other compounds while still taking advantage of some of the overall benefits hemp oil can provide.

Full Spectrum CBD

On the opposite end from isolate is full spectrum CBD. These hemp oil products contain every compound normally found in hemp, including THC. The advantage of including everything is that many of the compounds found in hemp are beneficial in some way physically or therapeutically. Consuming them all together allows the compounds to reinforce one another and enhance the overall impact, a phenomenon known as the entourage effect. Health practitioners who work with medicinal cannabis have recognized this, which is why full spectrum CBD oil is often recommended for getting the most benefit out of hemp products. Research has shown that combined cannabinoids provide significantly more therapeutic value than just CBD alone.

Broad Spectrum CBD, ZERO THC

Broad spectrum represents the middle ground between isolate and full spectrum CBD. It contains most of the additional chemical compounds of hemp without the THC. That’s ZERO THC. As a result, it provides the enhanced benefits associated with the entourage effect for those wishing to avoid having THC in their system. This is a huge advantage in avoiding the legal complications of THC itself, as well as in other practical concerns. The therapeutic value of combined cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds can still be obtained without risking the potential downsides associated with THC. This makes broad spectrum CBD oil with ZERO THC an attractive option for many who may not want to sacrifice all the significant benefits hemp has to offer.

Health Without The High

Whichever form of CBD hemp oil works best for you, the benefits it can provide for health and wellness have the potential to substantially improve one’s quality of life. Almost anyone can experience a positive change using CBD oil drops or CBD skin care products, whether they’re trying to reduce pain, treat anxiety or depression, soothe irritated skin or simply improve their overall mood. Even a slight difference can be helpful in transforming one’s health for the better.


At Terra Vida, our mission is to provide access to the plethora of therapeutic benefits CBD hemp oil has to offer without the intoxicating “high” associated with marijuana. Our products are lab tested, cruelty-free, and always 100% natural. We offer a range of products including consumables, skin creams, and vape pens to suit your specific preferences. Visit us here to learn more and see everything we have to offer.

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