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Memories of dry, flaky winter skin may cause you to dread the changing of the seasons. It won’t be long, and your skin will be showing the effects of dry winter air.  Maybe it’s time to consider a change in your skin care regimen. You can minimize the brutal effects of winter by arming yourself with the proven benefits of CBD skin care products. 

Skin Needs More Care as Temperatures Drop 

The skin care products that work for you in the spring and summer may prove ineffective as temperatures drop. Cold winter air holds less moisture and causes the water in your skin to evaporate quickly. Your skin loses nearly 25 percent of its natural ability to retain moisture as temperatures plummet. 

While outdoor air robs your skin of moisture, indoor heating also depletes your skin. Your skin could become more irritated and rashy as winter approaches. As the snow begins to fall, you may notice that your skin starts to feel rough and tight. Soon you may notice that your skin is flaking much more than usual. Dry air and indoor heating are not the only skin-zapping winter demons. You may experience dry skin due to a number of potential winter skin hazards, including: 

  • Soaking in a hot tub 
  • Taking long hot Showers 
  • Using harsh skin care products 
  • Neglecting to moisturize or moisturizing with an ineffective product 
  • Frequent hand washing due to the cold and flu season 
  • Wearing rough or scratchy sweaters 
  • Liking your lips when they start to feel dry 
  • Exposing skin to strong winds 


As winter approaches, consider adding skin care products containing CBD to your daily routine. CBD cosmetics, for your face and body, can help prepare your skin for the season ahead.  



While CBD gets most of its attention for its potential to alleviate pain, relieve muscle tension, and minimize anxiety symptoms, CBD is a powerful tool in any beauty arsenal because of its skin-loving benefits. CBD enthusiasts are using CBD oil for wrinkles and CBD face cream because of CBDs natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. Just a few of the skin benefits of CBD include: 

  • Promoting skin health with essential vitamins and minerals 
  • Penetrating skin with moisture rather than simply coating the surface 
  • Providing an abundance of essential fatty acids 
  • Mimicking the lipids naturally produced in healthy skin 
  • Fortifying skin proteins with amino acids 
  • Drawing moisture into the skin, CBD is a natural humectant 
  • Reducing blotchiness and balancing skin tone 
  • Providing high levels of vitamin E to further protect from free radical damage 
  • Balancing your skins natural oil production processes 


Understanding Why Your Skin Responds to CBD 

The benefits of CBD are due to its ability to interact with your endocannabinoid system. Your endocannabinoid system, a  network of neurotransmitters and receptors, regulates all the vital processes in your body, including the lifecycle of your skin cells. 

The health of your skin is based on its ability to discard old, tired skin cells and generate new healthy cells. You do not need to ingest CBD to reap the rewards. The cannabinoids in CBD skin treatments penetrate your skin to keep your skins endocannabinoid system functioning optimally. CBD mimics the effects of the naturally occurring messengers of this system to help keep your skin healthy, youthful, and radiant. 

CBD is a potent antioxidant that protects your skin from the influences of UV rays, environmental pollutants, and other free radicals. Free radicals damage your skin and accelerate skin aging. Just a few of the visible results of free radical damage include fine lines, collagen loss, and wrinkles. 

The disruption of the healthy balance of your skin can result in a multitude of skin problems. CBD is shown to be beneficial for the treatment of many serious skin concerns. Just a few of the conditions that are shown to respond to topical CBD include: 

  • Acne 
  • Allergic dermatitis 
  • Psoriasis 
  • Eczema 
  • Collagen loss 
  • Skin cancer 
  • Itching and pain 


When CBD triggers one of its corresponding receptors (CB1), you may notice improved elasticity in your skin. When CB2 receptors are influenced, you may notice an anti-inflammatory response. CBD is proven to make your skin feel softer, smoother and more comfortable. 

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To protect your delicate skin from winter weather, or to simply ensure the health and beauty of your skin,  consider the many skin benefits of CBD skincare products. For a wide range of  CBD skincare, including CBD cleanser, toner, moisturizers, and CBD anti-aging products, visit Terra Vida online. While you’re there, also consider the health and wellness benefits of our quality CBD  capsules, tinctures, vape pens, and CBD pet products. 

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