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CBD Oil & Sleep: Everything You Need To Know

Not only is sleep a vitally important bodily function, but it’s also something people around the world struggle to get enough of. About 80% of Americans have trouble sleeping, which explains the prevalence of so many over-the-counter sleeping pills. The problem with these is that they can be both ineffective and possibly dangerous depending on the specific drugs they contain. Rather than taking a chance with such manufactured pharmaceuticals, you could try using CBD oil to attain the sleep you need. As a holistic, all-natural substance with no side-effects, it has the potential to help you sleep safely and more effectively.

The Science Behind Sleep & CBD

There are several ways in which CBD might help you fall asleep easier. Firstly, because of its capacity to relieve stress, pain, and anxiety. According to one study, this is the primary reason it helps people sleep, given how anxiety, and pain especially, can keep people up at night. Another study suggests it may have a more direct impact by interacting with receptors in the brain that control our sleep cycle. We still have a lot to understand before we can say exactly how effective CBD hemp oil is at helping people sleep, but there are plenty of good reasons to be optimistic.

Already, people have turned to CBD oil and other hemp-related products for a variety of reasons including as a sleep aid. The consensus seems to be that for some people, it definitely does help. This is great news for people looking to make sleep easier without resorting to short-term chemical solutions. At the very least, there’s an alternative that may just work and possibly improve your wellbeing in other ways too.

How To Use CBD For Sleep

Generally speaking, there’s no sure-fire method for using CBD in any situation. It’s something you usually need to try for yourself until you find the way that works best for you. For example, some people may only use it a short while before bed while others find it works better when taken throughout the day. The ideal dose and preferred method of consuming it can also vary considerably from one person to the next. It may take some time before you find the most comfortable method for you as an individual, but there are still a few things that may be worth keeping in mind.

  •    It’s More Likely To Soothe Anxiety – Basically, if you’re sleeping less because of stress, anxiety, or pain, than there’s a better chance CBD can help you. It’s by relieving these symptoms that most people who participated in the above-mentioned study were able to sleep better. This doesn’t mean it wouldn’t help you otherwise, but you should know that this seems to be the most well-documented reason for helping with sleep.
  •    CBD May Lengthen & Improve Sleep Cycles – Contrary to the above point, there is research suggesting that CBD hemp oil can help you sleep longer and deeper than you would normally. This means it could help replenish your body and keep you from being tired throughout the day. It has been found that ingesting CBD oil at different times of day has different effects on sleepiness. Further study is needed, but this knowledge could lead to more effective sleep treatments using hemp CBD in the future.
  •    Use Quality, Effective Products – Regardless of which form of CBD you prefer, be sure to opt for products of reliable quality. Buy CBD oil drops, capsules, skin care creams, and other products made from genuine, 3rd Party Lab-tested cannabidiol oil. 

All-Natural CBD For Sale Online

At TerraVida, we take the quality of all our CBD hemp oil products seriously. For help trying to sleep, you may want to try our CBD Good Night Oral sprayContact us here to learn more about our products and how CBD can improve your health and wellness.

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