CBD May Change Your Life For The Better In 2020

In a recent article posted on Best Life online, a surprisingly low number of people stick to their New Year’s resolutions. A survey found that only 4% of people who made these promises were able to accomplish their goals for the next 365 days. Further studies found 77% of people stuck to their resolution for only a week while 19% fulfilled them within two years. Let’s face it, change is difficult and challenging for most people.

While that comes as a bit of bad news, the good news is for those using CBD (or cannabidiol products) from CBD hemp oil, ingesting this compound won’t change people’s personalities the way many prescriptions and OTC (over-the-counter) medicines might. Psychologists and physicians are revealing many traditional medications are showing some unbelievably strange side effects. 

Bizarre Behavioral Changes

We often expect side effects from prescription drugs that are given to control certain behaviors like those to help control anxiety or other mental disorders. However, there’s emerging evidence suggesting ordinary medications like acetaminophen, antihistamines, and antidepressants might make patients impulsive, angry, restless, diminish empathy, and even manipulate fundamental aspects of our personalities.

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Safer CBD Solutions Avoiding Serious Side Effects

Again, while these are negative aspects for some who are taking these types of medicines, CBD consumables may be the answer for many people who are suffering from various medical conditions. For example, for more serious cases such as those undergoing cancer treatment, CBD oil drops have been shown to assist patients with nausea and appetite stimulation.

CBD Gummies are another popular way to consume this compound daily without putting much thought into the process or dosage requirements. Let’s take a look at some common medical issues along with potentially problematic complications that are almost always avoided when using CBD products instead:

Anxiety and Depression: While it may seem counterintuitive, the calming qualities of hemp CBD oil also assists with coping with symptoms of depression. There are many side effects associated with these medications being used to treat both of these disorders that don’t come from the use of CBD drops or other associated cannabinoid products.

Arthritis: Taking acetaminophen or aspirin daily, for relief from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, can wreak havoc on the liver and stomach with their regular and continued usage. Rather than ingesting these pills, applying CBD oil, taking capsules or softgels will often provide similar if not superior relief without potentially damaging vital organs.

High Blood Pressure: There are a plethora of different prescriptions available on the marketplace today to aid in lowering blood pressure. They also come with an equally long list of side effects that often include everything from dizziness to dry mouth and more. Hemp CBD products have been shown to help in reducing hypertension risks that also assist in curbing other circulatory issues, aid in preventing strokes and heart attacks. 

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Sleep: For anyone who has either taken OTC or prescription pills in an attempt to get a better night’s sleep, they’ve likely experienced that next-day “fog” and continued tiredness after using this type of medication. There have also been reported instances of memory loss and unusual cases of awkward sleepwalking incidents that are often avoidable when using CBD solutions instead. 

When it comes time to buy CBD hemp oil online, remember TerraVida Online is a premium provider for only the best, all-natural cannabidiol products. We’re committed to always offering high-quality, third-party lab tested and approved methods for your continued success without potentially complicated side effects. Please feel free to contact us today if you have any questions about the appropriate dosage or any other information you’re seeking. We’re here for you and want to support your continued well-being. 

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Never stop taking medications without speaking to your healthcare provider first. Abruptly stopping medicine that has been prescribed by a physician could cause serious side effects. If you do want to stop taking certain medications, you’ll need to work together with your doctor to reduce dosage and usage over some time to ensure your overall safety and health.

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