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CBD for Neuropathic Pain

Peripheral and diabetic neuropathy is a serious and incredibly painful condition that plagues over three million people in this country. Treatment options previously were limited and most often, patients are given pharmaceutical pain killers, including opiates to treat their symptoms. Fortunately, clinical studies are now emerging showing even better results using a much healthier option: CBD.

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a result of damage, dysfunction, or injury to the body’s nerves. Peripheral neuropathy is usually brought on by injuries while diabetic neuropathy is induced when the body’s blood sugar levels grow to dangerously high levels and damage the nerves. This can also happen due to alcoholism, cancer, chemotherapy, vitamin B deficiency, autoimmune diseases, toxicity, and strenuous physical exertion over a long period.

Damaged nerves send faulty signals to the brain that can cause some of the worst pain that is ever experienced by humans. The pain is chronic and does not start and stop quickly and does not respond to most pain medications.

How Can CBD Help?

CBD works by activating the endocannabinoid system that already exists within your body. This system is used to regulate important bodily functions, and behavioral processes like pain, mood, memory, learning, addiction, and appetite.

CBD binds to the receptors in the endocannabinoid system more efficiently than pharmaceutical therapies without the risk of becoming addicted to opiates. Because CBD has no psychoactive effects and is better at working with the endocannabinoid system, research is showing that patients are often preferring the use of CBD as an option for neuropathy over opiates or other prescription drugs.

Since CBD hemp oil is also useful for other things like anxiety, inflammation, sleep deprivation, and mood disorders, multiple cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD oil  work together to help the whole body in a process called the entourage effect. This is very beneficial for patients with neuropathy who often suffer from sleepless nights and anxiety due to chronic pain.

Another benefit of using hemp CBD oil for neuropathic pain instead of opiates and other prescription drugs is that it is safe. An average of 44 people die daily from prescription opioid overdoses. How many people die from CBD overdose? Exactly zero

How to Use CBD for Neuropathic Pain

Make sure you buy CBD oil that is 3rd Party Lab-tested. You don’t want any harsh chemicals or heavy metals that can cause harm rather than help in your CBD products. And you do want to ensure that the products contain the specified amount of CBD hemp oil that the label states.

For direct pain relief, topical CBD-infused creamssalves, or roll-on gels that can be applied to the skin as needed are a perfect option.

Applying topical CBD oil right after a bath or a shower is always a good idea. Don’t put on any other lotions or oils before applying topical CBD skin care products as it can dilute them and minimize their effects. Don’t be afraid to apply the topicals to scrapes or cuts, CBD is an antibacterial and may actually help the healing process.

Topical CBD  can be used in conjunction with a full-spectrumconsumable CBD like oil drops, capsules, or gummies for a preventative approach to help with pain, mood, sleep, anxiety, and other discomforts.

CBD is not a miracle, so don’t expect it to work like magic the very first time. It may take some experimenting with doses or types of topicals and consumables to find out what works the best for you. Don’t forget to consult with your doctor about any changes made to your regimen. Be patient and vigilant with CBD and contact the experts at TerraVida for all of your CBD needs.

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