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CBD and Sun Care

Spring is just around the corner and summer is knocking at the door. Barbecues, beaches, baseball games, swimming pools, and yes…sunburns! Summer is not summer without the sun; however, it is important to avoid sunburns and overexposure to the sun, here’s why: 

The Dark Side of the Sun  

The sun can be great, it is known to improve moods as well as give us Vitamin C, but there is a dark side to the sun, read on. The National Center for Biotechnology Information suggests that nowadays there is an increasing incidence of melanoma among young adults. Furthermore, melanoma remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States. It is the fifth most common cancer in men and the seventh most common in women. Pretty scary, huh? But that is not all.  

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “Both UVA rays (320–400 nm) and UVB rays (290–320 nm) are carcinogenic. UVA rays are present throughout the day and can pass through window glass. UVA rays cause premature aging of the skin and are primarily responsible for drug-related phototoxicity and photoallergic reactions.”  

You get the point, it is crucial to protect ourselves from these dangerous rays, but how? 

Take these Precautions: 

Be aware of the times you are in the sun.UVB rays are most intense from 10 am to 4 pm and are most responsible for sunburns so take notice of the times you are in the sun and make the necessary adjustments. 

Look for shade. It is not always easy to stay out of the sun during the “high-risk” hours so always look for shaded areas where you can take a break from the sun and avoid overexposure. 

Cover Up! During the summer months it is easy to shed more clothes, however, it is recommended that you wear lighter clothing that covers the most skin. Don’t forget about hats and sunglasses. 

Sunscreen, sunscreen and sunscreen. We hear more and more about the importance of sunscreen. The American Academy of Dermatology has put together a video on the correct way to apply sunscreen. Yes, this is important. Just as important is the type of sunscreen you choose. With all the products out there today, the choice can be difficult. Let’s make this a bit easier, there is another option, an all-natural option – CBD oil. 

CBD Oil Helps with Sun Protection  

Just when you thought you knew of all the amazing things that CBD oil does, think again, there is yet more. CBD oil works as an all-natural sunscreen. Cannabis contains essential fatty acids and amino acids that protect against the sun’s harmful rays. If you are worried about the potential dangerous and controversial ingredients that the typical sunscreens contain, then CBD oil is right for you because it is the all-natural choice. Remember that on its own, CBD is not effective as a sunscreen but added to other natural oils and formulations it adds an effective boost to SPF protection. Some natural oils that are useful for sun protection are: red raspberry seed oil, carrot seed oil and wheat germ oil – to name a few. These all can be good alternatives to the over-the counter sunscreens – do your research and choose what works best for you! 

This year don’t let the sun wreak havoc on your outdoor summer plans! While being outside in the sun is a big part of the summer, you need to be proactive about protecting yourself from the damage that the sun can do. This is why it is important to stock up on your CBD skin care products from a reliable trusted online store such as Terravida onlineTerravida offers a variety of CBD oil products because we care about your overall wellness. At Terravida you can find the perfect products for that beautiful glowing skin including our CBD skin moisturizers, CBD anti-aging products, hemp CBD body butter, and face cream. After all, the sun is not the only thing that can give you beautiful skin. Be good to yourself with CBD! 

For all of your CBD skin care questions, contact us today and one of our friendly specialists will be happy to help!  



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