Can You Put CBD Oil in Drinks?

There are infinite ways to enjoy the health and wellness potential of CBD. Some CBD users prefer an easy to swallow capsule, while others stick with the option of fun CBD consumables like chocolate or CBD gummies. CBD users who appreciate versatility like the option of adding CBD to their favorite recipes and adding CBD oil in drinks.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to determine if cannabidiol oil (CBD) is right for you, consider adding CBD drops to your favorite beverages. Adding CBD to beverages you already enjoy is an easy way to experience the therapeutic potential of CBD throughout your day.

Adding CBD to Your Beverages is Easy

The best way to know if infusing your beverages with CBD is right for you- is to try it. Simply measure your dose, stir, and enjoy. Before you buy CBD hemp oil, it’s important to know the differences between the types of products available to you. Consider the benefits of the following:

Full Spectrum CBD Drops

Full-spectrum CBD drops contain all the potentially beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, and additional plant-derived cannabinoids found naturally in hemp. Full-spectrum CBD has a somewhat earthy or grassy flavor that blends particularly well with smoothies and herbal tea. Although full-spectrum hemp extract contains trace amounts of THC, hemp-derived products will not cause intoxication.

CBD Drops with Zero THC

CBD users who want to avoid even trace amounts of THC appreciate the option of purchasing THC-free CBD drops made from CBD isolate, otherwise known as pure CBD. Hemp oil drops made with this purified form of hemp extract are flavorless and odorless. If you are concerned about the flavor of cannabis interfering with the flavor of your favorite beverages, this is the product for you. 

The Many Potential Benefits of Adding CBD Oil in Drinks

Numerous beverage companies are adding CBD to soda, wine, beer, coffee, and sparkling water. While purchasing ready-made products may be convenient, before you buy CBD hemp products, it’s important to know that adding CBD to beverages yourself gives you better control over product quality and CBD content.  

Some people prefer to slip their daily dose of CBD into a post-workout smoothie, others add small amounts of CBD to their drinks throughout the day, adjusting the dosage to their needs. Although you can add CBD drops to any beverage, consider the value of the following suggestions:

Adding CBD to Coffee 

Many CBD users who add CBD to coffee find the cannabinoids balance the effects of caffeine. The anxiolytic properties of CBD could reduce the jittery, anxious feeling some people get from overindulgence. Since high temperatures can degrade cannabinoids, it is best to add CBD after your coffee is brewed rather than purchasing CBD infused coffee beans.  

Adding CBD to Matcha Green Tea

Matcha is a finely ground green tea with potent antioxidant properties, more than other types of green tea. Research suggests that matcha tea helps protect your liver, promotes cardiovascular health, and could even help you reach your weight loss goals. You can buy CBD oil online to enhance the health and wellness potential of your tea.

Adding CBD to Beer, Wine, and Spirits

Even though companies are selling alcoholic beverages with small amounts of CBD, you may want to proceed with caution. Adding CBD hemp oil drops to alcohol is believed to intensify the effects of both. Although there is not a lot known about the combined effects, animal studies do suggest CBD reduces brain cell damage caused by alcohol consumption. More research is needed before we know the long-term effects on people.

If you are interested in the many health benefits of turmeric, consider adding CBD to your favorite golden milk recipe. CBD oil drops formulated with fractionated coconut oil (MCT) are great for bulletproof coffee, or you can buy CBD oil to add MCT and CBD to keto-friendly smoothies and your favorite ketogenic recipes. MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil helps improve the bioavailability of CBD and is shown to have significant health and wellness potential of its own.  

To buy CBD drops online, visit TerraVida Online. We also offer a quality assortment of topicals, CBD capsules, and CBD skincare products. TerraVida products are made from non-psychoactive hemp, grown using natural farming practices. Our products are also third-party lab tested to ensure the purity, potency, and consistency of all the cannabidiol products we offer.

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