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Binge eating disorder: Is CBD suitable treatment?

Table of Contents:

  1. What is binge eating disorder? 
  2. What can CBD accomplish? 
  3. What about an impaired ECS? 
  4. Dealing with that anxiety 
  5. Proceed with caution


What is binge eating disorder? 

Someone always known for their compulsive consumption of large amounts of food could be considered to be suffering from binge eating disorder. Some people might have lost control completely over their eating habits and once they start they may be unable to stop. Someone diagnosed with binge eating disorder is someone who goes completely overboard at least twice a week over a period of six months. BED was first researched in 1959 by a psychiatrist and researcher and at that time was known as NES or night eating syndrome. Eventually, the new term BED was created because it pointed to a similar disorder although it is not practiced only at night. It is entirely possible for both men and women with an acceptable BMI to also suffer from binge eating disorder. However, there can be no doubt that BED mostly will result in a lot of extra weight. Once this stage is reached BED is firmly reinforced and the problem only becomes worse. It is not uncommon to find that it is those men and women who were struggling with negative emotions relating to guilt or disgust who are mostly suffering from BED. Other negative emotions will include anxiety, depression, and morbidity. These negative feelings often cause people to turn to food in order to cope with their emotional situation and this results in a neverending and destructive circle. This is why it is so important that this kind of disorder is properly managed. 

What can CBD accomplish? 

There can be no doubt that CBD oils can play an important role in the management of eating disorders. It is already a well-known fact that CBD related products are very effective against things such as stress and anxiety. Anxiety and stress are some of the primary reasons why people are suffering from BED. Therefore, using CBD to decrease or to entirely eliminate these negative emotions can go a long way to help a person to break loose from BED. Over the years many research projects have looked into the natural healing properties which are present in cannabis. A similar study has been conducted in 2011 and most of the findings of that study have been reported in great detail in Biological Psychology which is a well-known publication. It was discovered that the endocannabinoid system in the human body is a very important system which is affecting not only people’s mood but also the way they respond to food. This system has two parts which are known as the CB one and CB two receptors. It should be understood that every human body will manufacture its own endogenous cannabinoids this is a naturally occurring process. The primary purpose of the ECS is to ensure a well-balanced internal environment which can successfully offset the external environment of the human body. One of the most important stabilizing forces is the human appetite. It is only natural that when the body requires energy a person will feel hungry. 

What about an impaired ECS? 

When this important body system does not work properly it can often lead to bulimia or anorexia. In people suffering from this type of disorders, research has shown that they can most certainly benefit from medical cannabis. Cannabis or CBD can help to kick start the ECS which has an impact on many factors such as appetite, body perception and the mood of a person. When using CBD products this can have a positive effect on the CB one and CB two receptors which will lead to a reduction in anxiety. Furthermore, CBD consumption can help people to deal with some of the drawbacks which have been caused by THC. The benefit of eating disorder sufferers is that CBD will help them to deal with those unnecessary anxieties which they might struggle with because they are afraid of weight gain. It should also be understood that the research has also clearly shown that when cannabis is consumed in an excessive manner this can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and panic which can lead to even more problems with eating disorders. 

Dealing with that anxiety 

We have seen that the primary causes of eating disorders are anxiety and depression. In this regard, CBD and related products have been proven to be highly effective in the treatment of depression and anxiety. CBD can treat spasms, anxiety, pain, and inflammation. High-quality CBD will not make people feel high, that is done by the THC which is found in cannabis. High-quality CBD contains very little or no THC at all. In fact, high-quality CBD is able to counteract most of the negative effects which have been caused by THC. They are 85 natural compounds found in natural cannabis. 40% of the cannabis plant is made up by CBD. THC can be harmful but it also has certain benefits. However, CBD is substantially more useful and beneficial to human beings than THC. Everyone who has been watching some of those documentaries on obese people will know that eating disorders can be a terrible thing. It can result in human beings which have become captives in their own bodies.  Fortunately, now Terravidaonline also offers ZERO THC products. 

Proceed with caution 

Although there can be no doubt that CBD can certainly treat many of the emotional conditions which can lead to eating disorders a lot more research will have to be done into these matters. Anyone with symptoms of an eating disorder should always consult their physician. This is important for a proper diagnosis and also to understand the underlying reasons for eating disorders and how they can be managed effectively. A medical doctor will be in the best position to provide a person with quality advice on what they are dealing with and also how to proceed. The fact remains that it is a well-known fact that anxiety and depression is one of the primary reasons why people are going off in the wrong direction as far as eating disorders are concerned. Using CBD products to manage anxiety and depression might often be enough to avoid eating disorders and to help people to live a healthy life. 

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