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Why People Take CBD

We’ve discussed before what cannabidiol (CBD) is from a scientific standpoint. Today, we’re going to take a look at just a few of the numerous reasons people use CBD on a daily basis. Many discussions of medical marijuana focus on treating chronic pain caused by life-threatening conditions like cancer. These studies typically focus on use of the marijuana plant, including the parts that contain THC. But CBD from hemp on its own interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to aid relief to those struggling with an imbalance in one or more bodily system. Here’s a look at just five of the reasons people say they take CBD hemp oil.

1. Arthritis

Many forms of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis, are caused by an inflamed autoimmune system. In these cases, arthritic pain is caused by the body’s immune system attacking the joints, leading to inflammation that can affect everyday life. CBD oil can be applied topically to the areas causing a person the most pain. This application can help reduce inflammation in the area, bringing the person a natural sense of relief from arthritic pain by interacting with CB2 receptors which are involved with the immune system.

2. Acne

Acne can impact not just the way a person looks but also how they feel about themselves. Because acne is caused by the build-up of dirt and oil in a person’s pores, there’s a stigma in our society that people with acne problems aren’t trying to keep their skin clean. Often, this isn’t the case. Some people have a genetic disposition to acne which is caused by excessive oil production in their skin and enlarged pores. For these people, simply washing their faces may not be enough to keep the acne at bay. However, studies suggest that CBD oil can bridge the gap between their efforts towards cleanliness and their body’s proclivity towards acne.

CBD is shown to both limit oil production and reduce inflammation. This winning combination can help acne sufferers get their skin under control. As the body learns to produce less oil and inflamed pores come back down to size, these people finally have a chance of their daily healthcare routine getting their acne under control for good.

3. Post-Workout Recovery

Working out is extremely hard on the body. After a good workout, athletes may experience swelling in their joints and muscles, especially their knees, calves, and ankles. In the past, runners might come home and soak their legs in ice to reduce swelling. With CBD, that same muscular relief can be found in a peaceful, comfortable way.

Not only can CBD hemp oil relieve inflammation, but it can also been shown to help reduce muscle spasms. Interaction of CBD with endocannabinoid receptors help regulate transmitters that affect muscle spasticity, allowing the body to recover quickly and naturally helping athletes can get back on their feet sooner after a workout. CBD oil facilitates the professional athlete’s ability to keep training for the next big race, staying on schedule without breaking their body.

4. Sleep

It can also impact the quality of sleep that people are getting at night. With an estimated 1:4 Americans suffering from insomnia, anything that can lead to a better night’s sleep deserves consideration.

Part of the ECS, which CBD interacts with, affects the body’s sleep/wake cycle. Our modern lives, with backlit screens and bright household lights, can interfere with our body’s natural sleep/wake cycles. Taking CBD can retrain the body to fall asleep at the right time, reducing chronic sleep debts and leading to happier, more comfortable days.

5. Anxiety

Anxiety is a serious condition that can cause sufferers to miss out on experiences they might otherwise enjoy. One of the most well-documented uses of CBD is to aid in relaxation. Numerous studies support using CBD for anxiety disorders. Patients report feeling more at ease after using CBD and more able to tackle the everyday stresses that life piles on their shoulders.


CBD’s connection with THC has led to its vilification in America. However, as we extract CBD from hemp and use it separately, we begin to see the numerous benefits of this natural oil. In many cases, using CBD oil in conjunction with traditional Western medicine may offer additional benefits with fewer side effects. This can may improve quality of life for a variety of reasons, including the five we discussed in this quick guide. Thirteen percent of Americans in a recent Consumer Reports survey said they had tried cannabidiol, or CBD, for its potential health benefits, and of those, nearly 90 percent said it helped. For more information about TerraVida Online or the CBD oil products we offer, please contact us today.

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