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How CBD Oil Affects Kids With Anxiety And More

CBD Helps Kids be Kids

We all want our children to be carefree, playing outside, running to and from without any of the worries in the world, enjoying their childhood. When our children suffer from a condition like anxiety, insomnia, or the various other ailments that stop them from making the most of this time in their life it can be devastating for both parent and child alike. Pharmaceutical medications often times can make these conditions worse or bring about new issues with their lists of side effects. More and more, however, parents are turning to CBD hemp oil products, well known for their ability to soothe the symptoms of a variety of conditions.

Children and CBD

This oil is then manufactured into a variety Cannabidiol products, like CBD consumables, like  drops, softgels and veggie capsules. CBD has become a big name in health and wellness circles as of late and CBD products for anxiety is one of the most popular uses. Though some may worry about treating their children with a component of the Cannabis plant, CBD oil has not only been shown to be safe but to have a much better reputation when it comes to side effects than prescription medication. In addition, studies have shown the presence of CBD, along with other cannabinoids, in breast milk. 


Alleviating and relieving the symptoms of anxiety has long been one of Cannabidiol’s major claims to fame. Those who suffer from childhood anxiety often exhibit further issues such as insomnia, lack of focus and memory, and irritability and agitation. There are a variety of reasons CBD is an excellent option for childhood anxiety including the lack of side effects, and the ability to decrease anxiety better than most pharmaceuticals. In addition, CBD’s ability to inhibit neurotransmitter activity provides a feeling of long lasting calm and CBD has been recognized as a viable transitional option to help wean off of pharmaceutical medications and develop long term coping strategies. 


We’ve all heard the old turn of phrase ‘sleeping like a baby,’ but what happens when our babies aren’t sleeping? Irritability, general tiredness, and problems with focus and memory are all byproducts of childhood insomnia that can keep your kid from being able to enjoy being a kid. However, a promising study with CBD and childhood insomnia due to PTSD found that not only did Cannabidiol work more effectively for long lasting results than pharmaceutical medicines, but also increased the consistency and quality of sleep with continued use over time. 


Believe it or not, much of the current renown that accompanies CBD in health and wellness circles came from research on Cannabidiol’s ability to quell seizures in children with epilepsy. The story of Charlotte Figi is perhaps one of the best known examples of CBD’s effects on childhood seizures. Suffering from Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy disorder, Charlotte was having up to 300 grand mal seizures a week by age five. After seeing the incredible effect that CBD had on Charlotte, slowing the rate of her seizures exponentially until they occurred with less and less frequency, medical Cannabis growers the Stanley brothers renamed their ‘Hippie’s Disappointment’ herb, a CBD rich strain, ‘Charlotte’s web’. 

More recently, in November of 2018, a study published the Development Medicine and Child Neurology journal documented the effects of a trial designed to establish just how well Cannabidiol could help with pediatric epilepsy. The study found that CBD showed similar efficacy in aiding children suffering from the seizure disorder to pharmaceutical drugs developed to treat epilepsy. This relieving of epilepsy symptoms also comes without the uncomfortable side effects most noted with antiepileptic medication such as tiredness, dizziness, and cognitive fog.

Intellectual Disabilities 

In addition, researchers are finding that CBD may possess properties to help children with intellectual disabilities. Multiple studies are being launched across the globe to establish just how the effects of Cannabidiol can help intellectually disabled children who suffer from behavioral issues due to their diagnosis. Daryl Efron is running the pilot program for CBD’s effects on behavioral problems in children with intellectual abilities at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia and has this to say on why he is pursuing CBD as a viable option in helping quell maladaptive behaviors: 

“The medications most often prescribed for these children are stimulants, antidepressants and anti-psychotics, which all carry a risk of serious side-effects. There is little research into new drugs to help these children, but medicinal cannabis has been shown to be effective to treat other medical conditions, including some severe epilepsies in children, and chemotherapy side effects and multiple sclerosis in adults.”

Buy CBD Hemp Oil Online from TerraVida

If you’ve spoke with your pediatrician and are looking to buy hemp oil for assistance in reducing symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, intellectual disabilities, or any of the other number of childhood conditions, access to pure CBD hemp oil is essential. Knowing you have the highest quality CBD oil, that is non-contaminated by intoxicating levels of THC, dangerous pesticides, or solvents, is imperative. With TerraVida’s third party lab testing, you’re ensured that all of the hemp CBD products you purchase are absolutely safe. 

In addition, TerraVida has an expansive product line featuring a variety of options that will appeal to children including CBD gummiesCBD hemp oil drops, and even CBD Good Night Sleep Oral Spray to help battle childhood insomnia and let your children enjoy restful nights and playful days as all children should. Regardless if you’re interested in purchasing CBD hemp oil online, or any of the vast array of offerings like CBD capsules or CBD drops, TerraVida has the perfect option to help your kids get back to being kids. Visit TerraVida online or contact them today to find out all the ways in which CBD can change your child’s life for the better!

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