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Sleep is a necessary component of a healthy lifestyle. The body needs adequate time to rest both mentally and physically. As important as it is for adults it is even more important for children. Children are still growing and developing and on average require more sleep than adults. Children who consistently have trouble sleeping, struggle to make it through the day without meltdowns.


Quality sleep is important for brain development and to give the body needed rest. Children who do not receive enough sleep have trouble paying attention in school or focusing on other activities. Lack of sleep will also cause irritability, depression, and can even increase the likelihood of an injury. You might think that there is no reason children should have trouble sleeping. After all, they do not have the worries and responsibilities that come with adulthood. However, there are many reasons a child might have trouble sleeping. This can be problematic to your child’s overall well-being.

Why Might Children Have Trouble Sleeping?

Difficulty sleeping can be brought on by many different factors in a child’s life. Failure to adhere to a healthy wake, sleep cycle is one of the most common culprits. This is easily fixed by adjusting your child’s sleep patterns, such as setting an appropriate bedtime, wake time, and eliminating television and games before bed.

However, there are other factors that affect a child’s sleep which are not so easily fixed. These factors are usually brought on by circumstances outside of anyone’s control. Traumatic events such as a death in the family, chronic illness, divorce, or life-changing accident can bring about physical symptoms which disrupt a good night’s sleep.

Symptoms can include anxiety, depression, nervousness, worry, and insecurities. These symptoms lead to insomnia, that your child may have trouble finding relief from.

What is CBD?

CBD is the acronym that stands for cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in cannabis plants. However, it will not alter your state of mind or give you a “high”. THC is the compound in cannabis plants responsible for the “high” marijuana users experience, not CBD.

CBD can be harvested in two ways. It can be extracted from the cannabis plant itself, or it can be synthetically made. Synthetic CBD produces several harmful side effects that natural hemp derived CBD does not. It is known and widely popular for its therapeutic abilities, including promoting sleep.

How CBD Promotes Sleep for Your Child

Your child’s body naturally has two types of CBD receptors. When CBD binds to these receptors it not only activates other neurons in the body but it suppresses the excessive activity of neurons. The decrease in neuron activity has a calming effect that reduces anxiety, nervousness, and worries, all of which are sleep inhibitors. Research shows that it is effective in reducing the symptoms of both mental disorders and depression.

It has been shown to alter the perception of pain, especially chronic pain that is associated with headaches, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. It is effective in reducing the amount of pain your body feels, aiding in a good night’s sleep. It also acts to protect the brain, because it has anti-inflammatory effects. The use of CBD can help minimize both the physical and mental symptoms that prevent your child from getting a good night’s sleep.

CBD Oil to Aid in a Healthy Lifestyle

CBD is becoming more and more popular as the understanding of the benefits of CBD become better understood. CBD oil is a naturally occurring substance which has been deemed by the World Health Organization to be safe. It offers numerous health benefits including having a soothing, calming effect that promotes a good night sleep. Visit our website and see how our CBD hemp oil products can help you and your family live a healthier life.

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