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CBD Oil for Child seizures

Epilepsy, also known as seizure disorder, is a debilitating condition where disturbances in the nerve cell activity in the brain trigger seizures. It’s a common condition, with over 200,000 documented cases in the United States each year. Epilepsy is considered an incurable disorder but there are several options available to help manage the neurological disorder. Recently, CBD oil has been added to the list of potential treatments.


Last summer the United States Food and Drug Administration approved the use of a CBD oil or cannabidiol to treat two rare forms of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and Dravet syndrome. Epidiolex, a form of cannabidiol, has been shown to have a positive impact on those living with these rare and severe types of epilepsy.

Dravet Syndrome is a genetic condition that appears before a child turns one. It is characterized by constant febrile seizures (fever seizures). As the child gets older, they begin to experience several other different types of seizures including myoclonic seizures (muscle spasms). Children may also experience status epilepticus, a state of continuous seizing, which is life-threatening. Those with Dravet syndrome have trouble developing linguistic and motor skills and often experience other disorders such as hyperactivity.

Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, like Dravet Syndrome, begins in early childhood (between 3 and 5) and is characterized by the occurrence of different seizure types. The majority of individuals affected by this syndrome experience tonic seizures which are defined as an uncontrollable contraction of the muscles. Those with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome have trouble learning and also experience a delay in their motor skill development. Ultimately those with this syndrome require long-term care.

Considering the early onset and severity of the disorders, treatment with Epidiolex has been granted for children as young as two years old.

Before releasing the drug, the FDA completed three randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to test the drug. 516 patients with either syndrome were brought in for the clinical trials. The study showed that Epidiolex reduced the frequency of seizures when compared to the placebo

Pure CBD Oil for Other Types of Seizures

While this is the first time in history that the FDA has approved a marijuana-based epilepsy drug, it isn’t the first time CBD oil has been studied as a means to treat seizures.

2017 study showed that cannabidiol also has a positive impact on those with Sturge-Weber syndrome. The study was comprised of five subjects with treatment-resistant epilepsy. All five subjects experienced over a 50% reduction in their seizures. The patients reported that their quality of life also improved.

During 2016 a structured online survey was given to measure the impact medicinal cannabis had on children experiencing refractory epilepsy (treatment resistant). There were 53 responses taken from individuals aged anywhere between nine months and 18 years old. In over 80% of the cases, parents reported a decrease in convulsions. 51% experienced a moderate to significant decrease in their seizures. 16% were amazingly seizure free.  20.9% were able to reduce the number of antiepileptic drugs they were using in favor of cannabis-based treatment.

Considering the FDA has approved a cannabidiol product to manage difficult to treat disorders, it shows that pure CBD oil has already been proven, without a doubt, not just to manage, but potentially treat those living with epilepsy. If you’re currently living with or know someone living with epilepsy giving CBD hemp oil drops a try could be life-changing.


At TerraVida we’re all about educating our readers on the positive impacts of CBD oil. We offer high-quality and affordable CBD drops and CBD capsules that are the perfect introduction to managing a variety of conditions. To learn more about utilizing CBD to help with whatever may be ailing you feel free to contact us. We’re here to help!

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