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CBD and Childhood Anxiety: How CBD can Help Children Enjoy Childhood

CBD and Children

CBD, or Cannabidiol, has become well known in health and wellness circles for the many benefits the cannabinoid, a component of the Cannabis plant, offers our mind and body. The symptoms of a multitude of varying ailments, both cognitive and physical, have shown to be effected, alleviated, and relieved by pure CBD. Despite some controversy surrounding the subject, CBD also eases a variety of conditions in childhood, and perhaps surprisingly to some, much of the initial research surrounding CBD was done to study the alleviation of seizures in children when using CBD. 

As parents and caregivers, seeing our children suffer in any way is heartbreaking and it can be even more distressing when the affliction is something that we cannot readily treat with the contents of our bathroom first aid kit. Caring for a child with a condition like anxiety can be a struggle for parents in a number of ways even when excluding the negative side effects of prescription medication often issued for such cases. This is why many parents are turning to Cannabidiol products  to help their children deal with the symptoms of anxiety, and the effect of CBD is changing the lives of many families for the better. 

The Effects of CBD on Children

Research has not only shown that CBD is safe for children, but that it actually has a much better side effect status than any other pharmaceutical used for specific conditions. In fact, a 2004 study shows that breast milk offers a variety of cannabinoids, including CBD, to nurture a child’s developing endocannabinoid system. The effects of CBD on anxiety have become well known as word of the wellness properties of the Cannabis component have spread over the past few years and it’s effects on anxiety in children are no different from that in adults.

A 2016 study showcased just how CBD can help children suffering from various forms of anxiety, PTSD, and the onset of insomnia as caused by anxiety like conditions. In this study researchers in Colorado treated a ten-year-old subject suffering from PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia with a trial of Cannabidiol oil. This triall proved a maintained decrease in symptoms across the board and an increase in both quality and quantity of sleep in the subject when using CBD oil. These results far exceeded that of pharmaceutical medications, known for their major side effects, which only provided partial relief with short lasting results.

The Benefits of Using CBD products for anxiety

Alleviating anxiety is one of the most popular uses for CBD as it does so without the side effects of many of the most often prescribed anti-anxiety medication for children. Bypassing these negative side effects and allowing children to enjoy their childhood without the various physical consequences, and, ironically, agitation and sleeplessness that are associated with anxiety medication. 

In addition, the fast-acting properties of CBD over prescription medicine are another factor in why parents are turning to Cannabidiol. Many medicines may only provide partial relief, or short periods of relief, whereas CBD seems to offer soothing of symptoms almost immediately and for long periods of time. In conjunction with the safety and organic nature of CBD, the rate at which it eases symptoms of anxiety is a major benefit in treating children suffering from anxiety with Cannabidiol. 

Know What You’re Getting; Buy Hemp Oil Online at TerraVida

Method of ingestion is one of the major concerns of parents and many have found solace in CBD consumables, like gummies, that offer a kid’s vitamin like approach to using CBD, or in CBD hemp oil drops that can be placed under the tongue. Another important consideration of parents is in ensuring the Cannabidiol products they use to aid with symptoms of their child’s anxiety are made with quality CBD oil. Ensuring your CBD hemp oil is high in CBD and low in intoxicating THC is essential and with TerraVida’s third party lab testing, you know just what you’re giving your child. 

In addition, TerraVida offers a multitude of hemp CBD products that are perfect for helping alleviate childhood anxiety including CBD oil drops, CBD gummies, as well as CBD Good Night Sleep Oral Spray, perfect for helping quell the insomnia that comes along with  anxiety. Regardless if you are looking to buy CBD hemp oil online, or any of the multitude of CBD offerings like CBD drops, CBD capsules, CBD tinctures and more, TerraVida has something for you! Visit them online or contact them today to find out just how TerraVida can help you help your children overcome the symptoms of anxiety. Of Course you should always consult with your most informed Health Care Provider prior to purchasing CBD.

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