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The medical and therapeutic benefits of CBD and other cannabidiol products have never been as widely discussed as they are today. What was once beyond the reach of almost everyone has now become a source of hope and improved well-being among a wide range of people with various conditions. The true potential of CBD is, for the time being, still very much unknown. The sheer amount of new possibilities being explored is vast and still growing. As a treatment for Autism, CBD hemp oil may provide some much-needed help without the need to resort to heavy pharmaceuticals.


When considering autism, it’s important to remember the term covers a spectrum of neurodevelopmental disorders. Severe cases can be significantly debilitating, with symptoms including impaired social skills, difficulty communicating, and repetitive compulsive behavior. There is no cure for autism and treatment has traditionally been limited to potentially harmful and ineffective medications. Not only do those with these disorders face significant challenge throughout their life, but often their parents and caregivers are affected as well. In many cases, it’s difficult to manage behavior in a socially acceptable way for children and those watching over them.

 Autism & CBD

As with many other conditions, the use of CBD oil as an alternative treatment for autism has gained increasing credibility in recent years. The growing accessibility of CBD has given researchers and curious individuals alike the chance to experience its benefits. A number of parents of those with autism spectrum disorder have reported positive results from CBD hemp oil. While not widely accepted as of yet, there are several scientific studies that seem to back up their claims.

For example; a study from Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek hospital found that 80% of children who were given CBD hemp oil showed improvement related to their autism symptoms. Out of 60 children, more than half showed increased communication abilities and a decrease in problematic behaviors. Around 40% also showed decreases in anxiety. The study also mentioned that these children had seen little to no improvement when given conventional medications, sharply contrasting the effects of CBD. Another similar study from Chile found 67% of patients showed improvements and that the results were significantly more effective than conventional medicines.

Studies like these are coming at a time when many parents are speaking out about the benefits CBD hemp oil has shown on their children. While the FDA does not yet approve the use of CBD oil for autism, several lobbying groups and active parents have espoused vigorous support for CBD treatment. Groups like MAMMA (Mothers Advocating Medical Marijuana for Autism) have seen rising membership and support from like-minded parents over the last few years. With such advocates many states are considering adopting legislation to allow it, thanks to the rising voices of these parents.

Pure & Natural Cannabidiol Oil

At Terra Vida, our mission continues to be educating the world on the unique and natural benefits of CBD hemp oil and cannabidiol products in general. As a safe, non-toxic, and non-intoxicating product, there’s something in it for almost anyone to improve their overall well-being. Studies like these on the effects of CBD for autism and other conditions further supports our position that cannabidiol can provide enormous benefits without the need for heavy and possibly unsafe pharmaceuticals.


Visit us here to learn more and to buy hemp CBD oil and CBD beauty products to try for yourself. Our CBD is tested to be 100% pure and natural, meaning you’ll never need to worry about unknown chemicals or additives.

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