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CBD Tinctures & Capsules

If you have been doing some research on CBD (short for cannabidiol) and all of its benefits, you may now be wondering which type of product is best for you. Capsules and tinctures are a great way to try out CBD for yourself. Your own experience is the best way to find out what CBD products in your daily routine can do for your wellbeing. Let’s look at some of the differences between capsules and tinctures so you can decide which fits best into your life. 


For many of us, taking a capsule is just a normal part of our day. We already use them for vitamins, supplements, or medications. Adding a capsule to your routine is an easy way to start taking CBD daily and not forget. Capsules are easy to swallow and contain an exact dosage of CBD. If you have trouble swallowing, you can always open up the capsule and sprinkle the contents over food. Either way, you’ll know that you are getting the same amount each time without having to measure anything and that your body is getting consistent support for its wellbeing. 

Capsules are also easy to grab on your way out the house, keep in a bag or purse, or even while traveling. You’ll never have to worry about the bottle breaking if you drop it or spilling something messy during a busy day with capsules. In public and indoors, CBD capsules are more discrete than, say, a vape pen that others around you may not like the smell of or that you might not be able to use in a non-smoking area. For those worried about the taste, capsules are usually the best option because they are flavorless. 


Liquid tinctures have been used to deliver medicines throughout history. You can choose to use a tincture in your own way: by putting it under your tongue, adding it to a drink or smoothie, or even putting it over a salad with the dressing. The CBD hemp oil extract is mixed into a base of MCT coconut oil, so its mild flavor mixes well with different foods whether they are sweet or savory. 

You can also find tinctures in different concentrations, making it easy to get the right dosage or experiment with which dosage you prefer. One method is to start with a small amount and work your way up until you find the dose that gives you the desired effects. With a liquid, you can adjust how much you take by even small increments, down to the drop. Overall, these are really fun and flexible for fitting into your lifestyle. 

If you are seeking immediate relief, putting the drops under your tongue is the fastest way to use a tincture. The soft tissue there has many small blood vessels that will quickly absorb the extract and deliver it to the rest of your body. You might have heard someone call this sublingual administration before which is just a more technical way of saying “under the tongue.” A tincture can be the best product for helping with symptoms like a sudden flare-up of pain because it can deliver the CBD in only a few minutes. The included dropper bottle makes it easy to squirt some tincture into your mouth at any time you might need it. If you swallow it instead of holding it under your tongue, don’t worry. Your digestive system will still get all the beneficial cannabidiol to you. It just takes a few minutes longer. 

Both capsules and tinctures can deliver high-quality CBD to your body. It’s really just a matter of how you’d like to use them and what’s more convenient as part of your day. Like some of the pros of both? You can always incorporate both capsules and tinctures, perhaps using one at home and keeping the other in your bag. 

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