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Does CBD Oil Help You Sleep

A quick search of the effects of CBD oil on sleep may leave you more confused than you were before. Some research indicates CBD oil products make you more alert, even interacting with the same receptors in your brain that caffeine does. Other research indicates that CBD and other cannabidiol products induce relaxation and even drowsiness. Anecdotal evidence from CBD oil consumers gives the same seemingly conflicting results. Some people swear it wakes them up and makes them more alert, while others have to take it at night because it always puts them into a deep and restful sleep. So, which is it? 


The human body is a nearly incomprehensible and elegant machine. The intricacies of the interaction of chemicals and systems is very barely understood. What is clear is that no two are exactly alike. Different people respond differently to different chemicals. Ask any mother who has hosted a birthday party for her child. Some children react very differently to sugar than others. Some people are deadly allergic to certain foods and medicines. We are just different. We have different make ups, different physical and emotional histories, different diets, different lifestyles, and different genes just for starters. So, part of the puzzle is this. CBD oil affects different bodies in different ways.  

This actually also applies to the plant world. Each plant is unique. Even cloned plants do not have identical environments. This is why some people have better luck resolving their issues with CBD health and wellness products from specific companies. This is also why third party testing to ensure consistency and potency is critical.  

It’s all about balance 

There is an even bigger piece of the puzzle, though. While every person and every plant is certainly different, cannabinoids do affect the majority of people in a similar way. Cannabidiol products work by engaging with the endocannabinoid system. This critical system is just beginning to be understood, but it is clear that it functions within other body systems to create homeostasis. Simply, this means they work to achieve balance within the body. Seemingly they can do what your body needs.  

So, for example, if you are dealing with inflammation, CBD oil will act as an anti inflammatory. If you are experiencing anxiety, CBD oil will likely relax and calm you, perhaps making you sleepy. If you are depressed, CBD oil may act to elevate your mood and potentially give you increased energy and alertness. So depending on your body and symptoms, your CBD oil may make you more alert or more sleepy – maybe both.  

You may wonder how anything could make you more alert and also help you achieve better sleep. This probably makes sense, though, to anyone suffering from insomnia. When you are not getting proper sleep, you likely spend your days feeling groggy and exhausted, only to be unable to sleep at night. Remember what we said about balance. Getting a good night’s rest almost invariably results in more clarity and alertness the following day. CBD oil products often increase stage 3 sleep, which is deep, restful sleep. It is the balance of your sleep/wake cycles that allows you both to sleep better and be more alert during the day.  

How to make it happen 

If you are suffering from insomnia, it is a good idea to give CBD health and wellness products a try. Even people who did not see results from pharmaceutical sleep aids have had success with CBD oil. Whether your lack of sleep is a result of pain, anxiety, or an imbalance in your system, there is a good chance CBD oil will help. If you have tried other oils in the past without success, you may still find peaceful sleep from another strain or a different potency. We would love to help you find what works for you. Please contact us to learn more. We are happy to answer your questions and care about your concerns. You can also see our line of products.  

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