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Treat Arthritis pain with CBD oil

If you have arthritis, then chances are good you’ve already tried all sorts of methods to cope with the pain it brings. But when over-the-counter solutions like aspirin aren’t enough to handle your arthritis, and the only other available solution seems to be prescription drugs (many of which come with their own side effects and risk of use), you can often feel like you’re trapped between a rock and a hard place. Especially if your arthritis has progressed to the point where it makes living your life difficult. But there is another solution out there; one that doesn’t require you to get a scrip from your doctor in order to start living your life with less pain again. 

That solution is CBD oil. 

What Is CBD Oil? 

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is an extract derived from the cannabis plant. However, unlike traditional marijuana, CBD oil has only a tiny amount of THC in it (the chemical that produces the euphoric high when marijuana is smoked). Due to having only a trace amount of THC, CBD oil is often legal in states where marijuana requires a medical permit to use, or where it is entirely illegal under all circumstances. But even though it doesn’t produce the euphoric sensation of marijuana, CBD oil still bonds with the endocannabinoids in the body, which can have a number of positive effects for users. 

How Does CBD Oil Help With Arthritis? 

In the human body, everything is determined by chemical reactions. When we take medicines, it often changes those reactions in order to produce certain effects. In essence, the medicines we use act as triggers to either make certain events happen, or to stop them from happening at all, which results in changes like not feeling pain, swelling going down, etc. 

When you take CBD oil, the chemical in it bonds with the endocannabinoids in your body. Specifically the receptors labeled CB1 and CB2 in the cannabis system, according to Health Line. When the CBD makes that connection in your body, the result is that it dulls pain, and helps soothe inflammation. Which, for arthritis sufferers, is precisely the sort of thing they want a treatment to do. 

These claims are not made lightly, either. Scientists have been studying the effects of CBD oil and similar cannabis derivatives for years now, and the results have led to some fairly promising conclusions. According to Medical News Today, studies on the effects of CBD on rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis on animals have led researchers to conclude that CBD may be an effective treatment for these conditions. There are a lot of factors to consider, and research is ongoing to determine what makes CBD effective (or not effective) in treating different varieties of arthritis in humans. 

Will It Work For You? 

While there are people who talk about CBD oil as if it’s the latest, undiscovered miracle that’s been hiding in nature all this time, it’s important to keep your expectations reasonable when you decide to finally try it to treat your arthritis symptoms. Because CBD oil comes in a variety of strengths, and you can take it in many different ways (topical, ingested, vaped, and the list goes on). You will likely need to try a few different varieties to figure out a dosage that works for you, and your level of pain. And your results may not be the same as someone else’s results, even if you have similar conditions. 

As always, it’s worth talking to your doctor to get their outside opinion regarding CBD oil, and whether or not you should try it for your arthritis. 

If you want to try CBD oil, tinctures, or capsules, then go to our website at Terra Vida to find the CBD products that are right for you and your needs. 

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