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Elixinol is an industry leader in the CBD cannabidiol industry. The company was built on the foundations of making a positive impact to the hemp industry by providing research backed, high quality hemp based products for an unsurpassed consumer experience.

This passionate group of includes Paul Benhaim, a global leader in the hemp industry, actively involved within it since 1991.

Paul has been worked in the cultivation and manufacturing of hemp products around the world and understands the diversity that this wonderful product offers on a global scale. This understanding and the relationships built over the years with other experts in the field resulted in interested parties reaching out to him with scientifically backed research results on the powerful impact that cannabinoids can have in the treatment of various ailments and asked him to assist in developing a range of products.

 Paul knew that worldwide the CBD market was undergoing a great change, with ever more people interested in its capabilities, there was no doubt that there was great potential and it could impact the health and well being of millions of consumers.

The founders did a lot of research into existing companies and realized that many of these and their products lacked consistency, quality and correct business practice. Education of growers, manufacturers and consumers was also lacking.

With over three decades of experience, Paul knew where to source the highest quality hemp, the world’s best growing regions and he had the expertise required to assist in product development and manufacturing. Paul was the creator of the successful nutritional hemp bar, before moving on to founding Hemp Foods Australia, where they still continue to develop hemp food products of the highest quality.

Together at Exinol, the partners created a world-class organization that could fulfill the need for top quality CBD products. Their aim is to develop the best organic hemp products for consumers to enjoy. They use the CO2 extraction method and do whole plant extraction from the best parts of the plant which provide the full range of beneficial compounds from the plant, allowing the consumer to get the best of all the active ingredients in the plant.

Sourcing the highest quality hemp takes great effort and at Exinol they take great care at all levels of the supply chain, starting off with the seed breeders and suppliers. This chain includes the growers, harvesters, cleaners, extractors, manufacturers and laboratories. They employ quality control personnel to ensure that all the hemp sourced is of the best quality.

Each batch of every product is rigorously tested with advanced HPLC (HPLC-DAD) equipment to ensure that there is no microbiological contamination, traces of chemicals, pesticides etc and to establish their unique terpene profile. At Exinol there would be no second thoughts to recalling any products that do not meet these stringent quality tests.

All Exinol products have a batch and lot number and consumers are assured of complete transparency. The product analysis certificates appear on the product page of their website.

Innovation, product safety and value for money are the principles that Exinol adheres to. They have an ongoing research and development program and work closely with a team of medical professionals manufacturing only the best natural products, completely free of synthetic chemicals, have less than 0, 3% THC and are free of GMO products.

 Their extensive range of products includes CBD tinctures, capsules, skin care products, dog treats, hemp seeds and protein powders.   

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