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CBD Benefits in End of Life Care for Your Beloved Pet

To those of us lucky enough to have the love and devotion of an animal throughout their lifetime the word “pet” is just another term for beloved family member. And with that deep connection we have come to want something better at the end of their lifespan than the quick goodbye of euthanasia. We are all becoming more comfortable, and more dedicated, to caring for our pets until their natural death.

Pet hospice isn’t just a new trend, it’s fast becoming the standard for emotionally engaged pet owners, and this big responsibility comes with the need to have the supplements to manage the symptoms that come with aging and terminal illness. CBD products for animals is a natural choice for owners in providing comfort and care during their pet’s end of life journey.

CBD Products for Pets

In an article titled, The Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets, by the Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice, the author writes, “we extrapolate(s) from our human medicine counterparts and the preliminary veterinary studies that CBD oil may help with: pain, cancer, low appetite, nausea, vomiting, inflammatory bowel disease, seizures and anxiety.” And he encourages owners to have an open discussion with their veterinarian about using CBD oil to manage these issues while caring for declining pets at home.

How to Use CBD Products for Your Pet

CBD is just one of many compounds found in the hemp and cannabis plant, it doesn’t contain measurable THC (the psychoactive chemical that gives those that consume it “a high”). Most products sold are derived from hemp, but hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same. Products come in a variety of forms to make them easier to use, but the best choice for giving them to your pet is to use a CBD tincture. Tinctures are concentrated forms of the supplement and can be given by placing a few drops on the inside of your pet’s cheek making it easier to be dose-consistent and to avoid waste. All CBD products used for pets are best absorbed through the mouth, or skin in a cream base, and not as effective when swallowed.

Are CBD Products Safe for Pets?

The overall safety of CBD use in pets has not been fully established by the scientific community, but studies are underway. It has been established through a recent study that CBD does not instigate the onset of seizure activity in dogs and treatments are being tested. When it comes to dosing with CBD products for animals, remember that less is more. Start out low, a drop or two, and increase gradually every few days until the desire effect is seen. Try to give CBD products at least an hour or two after or before other medications to reduce the work of your pet’s liver in metabolizing the medications.

CBD Side Effects in Pets

Please don’t use CBD products with your small “pocket pets” without talking to your veterinarian first. In a recent study with both dogs and rats, dogs showed no adverse reactions to moderately high doses of CBD, but it did cause seizures in rats. In dogs side effects may include drowsiness, dry mouth and low blood pressure. Provide plenty of fluids for your dog at all times and reduce the dosage if side effects occur.

Facing the loss of a sick or elderly pet can be both a sad and bittersweet time. Pet owners are moving in waves toward a new school of thought in providing hospice, or end of life care, for their beloved animals at home to allow for a comfortable and natural death. CBD products, especially CBD tincture can play an important role in providing a calm, gentle, passing without fear or pain. With the right support and effective products, providing end of life care at home can be a gift for your pet, your family, and for yourself.


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