CBD Affiliate program, earn 20% commission plus recurring revenue

The CBD cannabidiol industry is now one of the fastest growing in the world. This is thanks to increased levels of reliable academic research, confirming CBD as a credible alternative to various medicines. Now that CBD hemp oil is legal in the US, millions more consumers are expected to start using CBD cannabidiol. Thousands of online retailers are also acting on this trend.

Since CBD is often taken for chronic illnesses, people take cannabidiol over many months. Many adults will consume CBD for the rest of their adult lifetime. For this reason, Terravida products bring in awesome recurring revenue, from customers with a high lifetime value.

Affiliates can do more than just cash in on this trend: They can share valuable information and education, for the better of mankind, as CBD changes the lives of many people. As a manufacturer of the purest quality CBD products, you can rely on TerraVida Online to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

Why the Terravidaonline CBD Affiliate program is your best choice:

1. Participate in both B2B and B2C markets
2. Highest customer satisfaction resulting in repeat purchases
3. Recurring revenue and lifetime commissions
4. A trusted brand with a global presence
5. The broadest range of CBD cannabidiol products available
6. Accurate and fair tracking system, with payment via Paypal

We welcome quality affiliates with an ethical strategy

TerraVida is founded on strong ethics and a moral obligation to do good. With such an awesome product, all you need to do is to present the facts of well documented research findings. There is no need to make up stories. We do not accept affiliates who misrepresent us or the product: we only represent well known facts, backed by medical researchers.

If you are an affiliate with a successful and ethical business strategy, in search of a highly reliable partner: TerraVida Online is one of the strongest CBD brands that can take you places.


“The CBD cannabidiol industry will pass $20 Billion soon – this is your opportunity to share in the action”